Vote Trump Out come November 3rd, 2020 !

If Donald J. Trump wins re-election, we can look for major cuts in Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. We can look for a march to a Autocracity, or Dictatorship of some kind.

He proves it everyday, no President touches the Justice Department but Trump does, he is controlling Attorney General Barr and getting his cronies shorter sentences and reexaminations of their cases. Does an average american like you or I get this treatment by the Justice Department, one word is the answer, No.

He tells hundreds of lies a day, and persists in them until the American Public, specifically his MAGA Followers and Fox News just repeat it and comes to believe in it all. He has a publicity machine in Fox Television and uses it, to further his political agenda.

No other President has defied Congress in the ways Trump has and gotten away with it. He gets Impeached and his supporter yell he is innocent, he isn’t. No House of Representatives would Impeach an innocent man, no matter what party controls it. And No Senate, would acquit said President unless there was something in it for them.

I think an investigation should be held, putting John Bolton on as a witness first and foremost, center stage on television, let’s hear him in his own words. Why can’t we? What is stopping the House from holding public hearings, with Bolton as a witness? Subpoena the man, bring forward his story on national television, Ask him face to face and make him answer under oath. But, don’t wait forever and let it slide.

I tire of an America that slides towards communism, a dictatorship. or a Monarchy. We fought a War of Indepence to get rid of a King and now The Senate has created one, on American soil, and what’s worse about this one, is he has in place all his minions, to control what happens next.

MAGA Followers are dangerous in America, they have become now a representative of a Nazi like organization. We have people in white robes, stalking our streets, screaming they will not replace us about Jews and African Americans. Raising their arms in Nazi Salutes, on our streets and in crowds, didn’t we fight the German Nazis to prevent just this stuff?

The world, needs to wake up to the dangers of white supremacist rhetoric and speech and acts on American Streets and stop it all!. The rise of such organizations and rhetoric and beliefs, lies at the feet of one man, Donald John Trump!. Americans must ban together and remove him from the Office of the Presidency or face a faster decline into destruction of the America we all fought so hard to maintain for 243 years. What would the ForeFathers, who fought and worked so hard to form a Democratic Republic, think right now?

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, John Adams, and others what would they say or do? It was a custom in politics world wide back then, today it is illegal of course, but, back then, they would topple such a leader, tie him to a hitching post, tar and feather him and run him out of the government and country. It was back then thought to be a fair judgement and punishment. Today we have laws that say we can’t do so, yet, we the people make the decision on Democracy, a Republic, or sliding into an oblivion of communist, or monarchy rule or even worse of a dictatorship. We the people VOTE !

The election of 2020, is up to us, We The People, so listen folks, if you like whites supremacist marching on american streets, people raising their hands in nazi like salutes, hundreds of lies a day coming at you, and one man controlling Justice, then you will get what you want if you re-elect Trump!

If you want, more money spent foolishly, on walls we don’t need, or you want to be isolated from the rest of the world and scorned on, go ahead re-elect Trump.

I have one question for all who will vote in 2020 on November 3rd, Do you want Medicare cuts, medicaid cuts, social security cuts, and a Justice Department being controlled by the President and all his lies coming at you?

Do us all a favor, especially yourselves if you are 18 and up and registered to Vote, think about it all, think about your future and your children and grandchildren and future generations. Do you want to hand them a world filled with pollutions, bad air, face masks and oxygen tank carriers, air we can’t breath freely anymore, water sources disappearing and being polluted, mad people storming our streets, with white robes and raising hands like nazis from the 1930s, or do you want a country free, open, honest and able to get along and supporting it’s people no matter what color, race or creed?

No where in American History has Americans raised their hands in nazi like salutes or worn white supremist outfits and marched on our streets, until the Trump Presidency! At least not in modern eras!

Vote Trump Out come November 3rd, 2020, or hand your children, your grandchildren and future generations a country in worse shape than any of us received from our elders. Go ahead and hand your kids a future of anger, hate mongering and prejudice and discrimination. It would be the biggest downfall of a civilization in the worlds history, it would be a greater loss, then any in the world’s history if America falls to what is currently happening and does not react to save itself, it will be a disaster of unknown proportions, never seen in recorded history.

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