It’s is time to Wake Up To Plain Facts, America!

The Coronavirus is raging in areas spreading wide across the world and it is growing and shall be a world wide pandemic in no time.

Where it came from, no knows for sure, but the mideast and asian areas seem to be the starting point, although they are still searching for the starting point.

Best advice given to anyone in any area with this virus is 1) Clean your hands and face with soap and water and antibacterial creams or lotions. 2) Wear face masks of some kind in case some sneezes around you.

The virus they are searching for a cure for, is infectious and spreading, and the death tolls are rising. The United States just asked for 2.5 billion to fight this virus but it will take a lot more before it is killed. As it take more lives worldwide, a search is on for ground zero and the first victim. A key to any infectious disease is finding where it originated, and how it developed. Knowing the source and location, will help the Scientist and Doctors in figuring out what it all about and how it was created. As the death tolls worldwide creep up heading toward the two thousand mark, we have to wonder how it became and where it came from. In the end, a sit progresses all are reminded to protect themselves at all cost, get face masks for public outings, wash your hands constantly, someone sneezes stay away, it is an airborne transfer that can happen.

Next, subject! Let’s talk about the election in America and where it is headed if it remains as is.

The Democratic Nomination is right now in Bernie Sanders hands to lose, or win as it is going. Yet, South Carolina will have its say soon. According to all reports, it is the most diverse state yet to vote this time around and should give a show which way the african american, and hispanic vote will go and for whom. As we watch the process right now, we have to wonder why is Russia, helping both the Sander’s democratic campaign and Trump’s at one time?

Here is my explanation for Russian Interference in 20202. The Russians want Trump re-elected so they have some control over him and america’s war on communism and he is indeed a Putin Puppet. What’s amazing is Lindsey Graham was sent to Russia by Trump and came back a totally different man, all of a sudden, a Die hard Trump Supporter, anyone notice this, besides me?

Here is how I see this Election if Bernie Sanders is the Democratic Nominee.

  1. A head to to head with Trump will have Bernie screaming for a Socialistic Democratic agenda.
  2. Trump will attack Bernie’s Socialist Platform and ideas and the fact Bernie is a Socialistic democrat.
  3. Bernie will attack Trump as dangerous and condemn all Trump says and fight any labels Trump puts upon him.
  4. Who wins in the debate and fight for the American People, not Sanders, not Trump really and definitely not the American People! The winner will be the Russians, and Putin!

So here is how I see this, they are some choices for the American People to make this election year. the first is this:

a) Do we allow Russia to elect our candidates and control our elections?

b) Do we stop the destruction, Trump is causing to American Democracy and our Republic?

c) Do we back a Sanders, Election, and allow a Socialist Democrat to take over the American Government?

d) Which of the above questions disturbs the American people most is the real question isn’t it folks?

e) The only other option Americans will have in the American Election process will have to do with the Democratic Nomination in a few short months and the primaries left. There are alternatives to Bernie out there, Warren, is the one I would go with on a personal basis, but others are there also. So if I were America, I would slow down Bernie’s momentum now and start thinking about one important question, WHY IS RUSSIA BACKING A SANDERS VS TRUMP Election in November?

The answer is simple folks, if you have a brain and some logic to you! A Sanders win of the Democratic Nomination, give Russia what it wants a head to head with Trump their puppet and Trump wins! We end up with four more years of Trump, not because we love Trump, his policies and ideas, but because Russia figured out America won’t accept a Socialist for President and it is the only thing they consider worse then a Re-election of Trump.

In The end America loses, if the above happens! Stop, Think, Listen, Watch! Unless Americans wake up soon and realize what is really happening, we will all be needing a copy of Bable, to learn to speak Russian! Sadly, Americans are so mad and angered, they are blinded to the facts and playing right into Russian and Putin’s plans.

That is my take on the two most important issues facing American’s now besides HealthCare and climate crisis of course. So, stop America, listen, think, use logic and lets start to fix it instead of ignoring it all and watching America go down the tubes,and the world’s climate too! It’s is time to Wake Up To Plain Facts, America!

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