Coronavirus,Guidance is needed!

The Coronavirus is now a fact in America , across all 50 states, and America now has it’s first death from it. It was in Washington State.

Trump keeps downplaying the coronavirus, saying it will disappear by April, he is full of it. The virus is now a pandemic, it is spreading and they don’t know exactly how. So, what does, Trump do, he appoints, Pence his Vice President to lead the fight against it all! Pence is unqualified and not capable of managing an HIV outbreak in his home state and now he is in charge of the Coronavirus breakout and finding a cure! It is wrong, and incompetent, and so is Pence and Trump, they have no plan in place to fight this.

America is equipped and manned by some of the best medical scientists in the world, great knowledge and experience and they should all be brought in to take on this virus. Instead Trump put a worthless Vice President who does nothing all day in charge, this is sad.

Americans need to wake up and call for medical scientists to get involved immediately, we need to produce test kits for all Americans and then broadcast all the symptoms, and what to look look. manufacturing needs to be jump started and producing medical kits and masks and protective gear. The best doctors in the world need to be brought in period.

We need to be kept calm and advised at all times, parents will be worrying about their children and pulling them from schools. Parents will be worried about going to work and bringing the virus to their families. Even dogs and pets can get this folks.

We need to find out how it is transmitted, where it started and with whom and how to stop the transmission of it and how to kill it as fast as possible. Not dawdle, dangle and screw off and argue it is a conspiracy to stop Trump’s re-election!. Trump’s son, Donald Jr. said such nonsense on public television to the world and americans. It’s sad! Donald Trump Jr.s needs to be shut up and taken off the air waves with his bullshit! Trump claims the threat from this virus is not any worse then the flu, what a damn lie that is. This has double the mortality rate of the flu or pneumonia. Why is the President lying to the American People? I will tell you why, as the coronavirus spreads and the stock markets go south, Trump is worried the stock market going south will affect his re-election thats all! He knows his whole re-election is based on the economy, if the stock market tanks due to the virus he has nothing to hang his hat on!

I listened to a Brit on the Internet speaking about the first case in her area, and how it is down her street from her. She said” I went to the store with my man, we were buying sandwiches for a snack or noon meal.” ” Then I started sneezing and I always sneeze in twos, so the whole area around me in the store cleared out instantly” The panic is setting in folks! Unless our leaders in each nation, start acting as leaders and doin things correctly, millions will die of this virus! And people like this woman in Britain, need to realize there is a panic about to hit the world now and behave accordingly, to prevent spread or catching it. Guidance is needed!

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