Understand this one ok, people!

Coronavirus remember it, it is now the cause of over 3,100 deaths world wide and it is spreading fast, across the world and here at home in the United States.

We are being told by our government, not to panic, but what we are not being told is how to avoid it, or what should be done if we get it. Americans are known for traveling around the world and state to state here at home, and even town to town. Travel spreads the virus folks, don’t travel, it spreads by air and contact. Face masks can’t control the coronavirus because of the size of the virus on the molecular level.

As the tolls rise of those who have it, or who have contacted the virus, people are panicking and there is no doubt more will. we have families, we have friends, what parent wouldn’t worry about their child getting it, or dying from it. It is scary and it is here now. Cases have popped up in America now in at least four or more states already. It is blanketing the country as you can see by the locations it has reached, it now extends from coast to coast.

The most vulnerable will be children and elderly, why, because their immune systems are not at full strength, children are still growing, and the elderly, are weaker due to age. Already have a cold, or a lung problem, or maybe you have cancer or another deadly disease you are fighting, what do we do then?

Our government is not telling us how to stop the virus and it is telling us it could be up to two years before a vaccine can be created to defeat it. So we now, have to stop and wonder, what do we do to protect ourselves and our families and relatives and friends from this virus?

Washing your hands constantly is one thing with anti biological lotions or creams, keeping your food surfaces clean such as counters, dishes and glasses and cups and silverware too.

Be careful of those who cough, or sneeze around you, if you sneeze or cough cover your mouth and nose. Face masks we have today are not strong enough to block this virus, we need stronger ones, with smaller miro-filters to catch and stop this virus. More test kits need created and dispersed to protect all.

We need a whole team set up of medical and professionals to examine the issue, study the virus, help find it’s source and in the end find a vaccine to beat it. Our Government is lagging behind the world on this issue and President Trump and Vice President Pence have no idea what they are facing or what to do. We need leadership, we need direction, we need to be told the do,s and don’ts and how to avoid or treat this now. The world is waiting on America and other countries to find the cause and location of this and how to stop it cold. How many people worldwide will die from this virus?

I know it’s a Presidential election year, Trump is trying to win re-election and we all have to vote for or against. But what protection do I have to enter a voting place and place my ballot?

What about the cancer patients and those with other diseases or illnesses we are taking care of at home, how do we protect them when they need chemo, or radiation, and we take them in? How do we as citizens keep them alive, for they are our loves, our families?

I fear half the time of just going shopping for food! What if someone has this virus and we can’t see them coughing, or sneezing and they show no signs, whats the odds of us contacting and getting it and coming home with it? Tell me that, Health Officials, Tell me that WHO, and others!

How many must die, or will die, before the world unites and fights it? Politics means nothing now, what does mean something is a united fight against this virus! We can fight and argue over who will win an election, we can fight over politics till we are blue in the face and get all kinds of angry, but it does nothing to stop the coronavirus does it? It does nothing to stop climate change does it?

When will the world wake up and realize we are fighting for the wrong things and over the wrong things! Fight the coronavirus together, fight global warming/ climate change together! Fight for peace for all!

Do us all a favor people of the world, put side political differences, put aside, who is the better government, or who has the better way to lead, join together now, the only way mankind beats a pandemic and climate change is as one species, one planet, mankind must all come together and make changes and help one another. Or, the only other option is to hand our children and grandchildren and future generations a dying world and no place to run to. Are we that ignorant, stubborn, and in the end, foolish and blind we can’t see what we are doing to ourselves and mankind as a species?

Let me finish in this way, I don’t care what political persuasion you may be, I don’t care what color we may be, I don’t care what nationality you may be or how you speak, what I do care about is saving lives and keeping us healthy so we can argue and fight as we wish. If coronavirus kills us we are done, if the planet we live on has no water we can drink, no air we can breath, where do we go, from here?

Scientific fact says, there is no planet out there for mankind to go to to survive and live. Or if there is mankind can not reach it yet. Don’t you think, like I do, we need to save mankind now and our planet all at once? Join together, Fight the Coronavirus, fight diseases and save the planet, if we don’t make sacrifices now, there will be no tomorrow for mankind! Understand this one ok, people!

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