Pretty Pictures- A Poem by Me

Pretty Pictures


               Pretty Pictures on the wall, pretty pictures of us all,

               Pretty Pictures of little Tommy, look at him, don’t he look. like me?

               Pretty Pictures of Little Sue, yes, she does, look like you!

                We watched and we guided them through, each new stage,

                 As they aged, and we did too.

                 Look here are pictures of them Graduating from School,

                 Don’t they made you proud, of what we guided them through.

                  But They are Pretty pictures, on a wall, on a wall, they are hanging, still after all.

                  They are dusty yet we still see, the pride and the love, of our family.

                  Now the days have gone by, and I wipe a tear, from my eye,

                  I see the smiles and the laughter, that will be there, ever after.

                  They be Pretty Pictures, on the wall, on the wall, even some, down that hall.

                  Look dear, see us there, so young and so happy, when we got here.

                  Look at the willow trees behind us in the light, look at us say I Do, in the sunlight.

                  Yes, they be pretty pictures on a wall, they extend even down that hall,

                   They are now covered with dust, you see, hanging all alone, they are memories of you and


                   Pretty Pictures, on a wall, on a wall, pretty pictures of us all. Of us all.

                   Pretty pictures on a wall, they are all that’s left of us, after all.

                                                           William M. McCurrach

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