Stay Safe Folks and I Pray all will !

Coronavirus now stretches across America, from sea to shining sea! It has gone from California and Washington state, all the way across the country to Connecticut now and Rhode Island.

People are believing Trump’s lies and bullshit, but the facts are not what he is saying concerning this virus. It is not controlled, it is not being stopped and test kits are not being produced at a fast enough rate to save lives.

As people scrambled to buy face masks and toilet paper and stock up on food, to hunker down in their own home, all have to wonder, what do we do to prevent getting the virus? What measures should we take and what are the clear symptoms of the virus, so we can identify it and seek help when needed and to stop the spread if we get it.

The guidance and information Americans need, is not being provided by The Trump Administration, The Health Authorities of the United States , or any experts. The reason is they only identified the virus and the deaths caused by it so far, they have not reached creating a vaccine for it or a way to stop it’s spread.

I have a lobe and one third less of lungs then normal people, due to lung cancer in 2013 and my wife is a stage 4 Breast cancer victim, whose cancer has spread to her bones since 2006. We are both very susceptible to catching such a virus and if we do, we are also most likely to die from it.

How do we, protect ourselves, what do we do besides face masks and hand cleaning with anti biological cleaners? How do we as an elderly couple get our groceries, how do I take her in for her Immunotherapy treatments and shots and bloodwork? How do we survive now?

What we are going to do is the following:

  1. Stay home as much as humanly possible.
  2. When forced to leave our home environment, we have to wear face masks and stay away from other people ensuring we do not have skin to skin contact or have someone sneeze or cough on us.
  3. Make preparations to stock up on food and water and paper products the best we can, so we do not keep running out for such things.

Now, as we see it here at home, We need a President to lead, we need a Congress to lead and inform the America people of the true numbers of cases, their locations, how the virus is spread, and what to do to prevent getting it.

President Trump is failing at this world wide pandemic now, and it’s control and prevention of spreading. He is failing as a President, he has failed as a President from day one and he will fail until he leaves office, why, because he is not about We The People, or For The People, he is only about himself, period.

The Coronavirus is worse then the flu, it’s mortality rate is twice the flus folks. Trump lies to pacify the public, so he can win reelection is all. He wants you to vote for four more years for him and he fails at everything he touches or does, it’s sad.

The Coronavirus is not a political weapon, or tool to use for re-election folks, it’s a goddamn virus killing people, I hope that is now being understood. As the numbers of victims with the virus grows so will the number of deaths from it. People need to stay safe, isolate themselves to prevent getting it, stay clean, say healthy, and stay as near isolated as possible. If you get signs of it, such as high temperatures over 100, and coughs and sneezing you can’t beat with normal home type medicines and need help, go to the Emergency Rooms or your Doctor. Even the Medical Profession is having a hard time identifying the Coronavirus and some are being diagnosed as flu victims or cold victims only and being released without being tested, to later turn up with Coronavirus, and then spreading it.

We the American People need a leader and President who will not stand there like a deer in the headlights when asked questions, regarding the spread of this virus!. We need confidence, we need leadership, we need information and we need it now.

Call Congress, call the White House, call the Health Organizations and ask for the right information now, make them work harder and faster on a vaccine.

Stay Safe Folks and I Pray all will !

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