Unity, and working together is the way to go!

As the Coronavirus spreads, the only question left is how soon can the world create a vaccine to beat it!

Keep yourselves safe by, washing your hands in disinfectant, including 60 percent alcohol. Clean all surfaces you touch when out, avoid those who sneeze a lot, or are coughing, keep a distance. Shower daily of bathe, keep clean at all times.

Crowded areas you don’t have to be in, don’t be there folks. One sneeze, one cough, spreads the virus, it’s in the expelled particles of those with the virus. That said, I hope personally, my wife or I do not get it, we both are cancer victims with lower resistance, so being careful counts at all times.

As, we have now heard and seen, the virus is killing many and infecting more. We now see the first Senator hit with it in Ted Cruz of Texas. He is in self isolation and quarantine now, to protect his own staff and others he works with and his family. Now, if you do not believe the virus is dangerous and deadly answer me this why would a sitting Senator isolate himself over it?

I keep hearing how the flu has killed more people last year than the coronavirus has so far, don’t buy that shit folks. here is the real deal. The Coronavirus has better than twice the mortality rate then the flu! And the Coronavirus has been around far shorter than the flu.So, clean all eating surfaces, clean your hands constantly with warm water and soap, or disinfectant. Stay back from others, and keep your hands to yourself and out of your face!

I hope and pray the CDC and other health organizations are capable and working on a vaccine for this virus. For I am at the age of being in the most susceptible range, and with being a past cancer victim, and having a wife who is stage four cancer, well, we can’t afford to get it.

I go out for quick trips to to get food and necessary medicine and drinks and medical appointments. But, how careful can one be, all you can do is try to remember and be careful.

It is obvious to me, the coronavirus will be around for a while folks, for the scientist and Doctors are saying it will take 18 to 24 months to develop a vaccine once they find one. Who knows how long before they find one that will work and secondly how long before it is released to the public and at what cost? How much will it cost each person to get it?

Look, the world knows it has it’s dangers, we all live in it daily, but all people who deny this virus is real, or who push it aside saying the flu has killed more last year so far, they are not being realistic and they are avoiding the facts and truth here. I again state, The Coronavirus has more than twice the mortality rate than the flu ever had. Secondly the flu has a vaccine and this does not! This is transmitted in the same ways as the flu, the CDC and other Health Organizations, say, don’t go out and buy masks, yet in the same sentence or paragraph they tell you those masks are needed by medical personnel. So, if the masks shouldn’t be bought by you or me for our self protection, why do the Medical personnel wear them. Catch 22 time right?

I hope all Americans and all people in the world get the idea here and face the facts and start listening to all the advice and reports daily. For if you don’t, this Coronavirus will continue to grow and spread and in the end it may get a family member of yours or a child of yours or your elderly parent, or a sick member of your family. Then, I guess you will start listening and pay attention and know it is real, right?

Sadly, Senator Ted Cruz was in meetings with other Government employees and Trump Administration members too. Which means at some point if he has Coronavirus as he thinks he does, he may have infected those in the Senate who work with him and the Vice President and by transmission even the President. So what happens next, we don’t know and won’t know till it is publicly revealed, for we do know the Trump Administration will hide it.

I hope the above advice helps, and will make more safer and helps you avoid the Coronavirus. As we go forward, we must as the human race come together to fight this virus, for it has now reached epidemic proportions. Pandemics come and they do go as soon as mankind finds a vaccine true and it will more than likely be beaten, and killed, but the risk factors we have to deal with and we must protect ourselves.

God Bless All, for if there is anything in the world that will draw all mankind together, it is an illness no one has the cure for! Let’s find it, lets kill Coronavirus, lets end it and then go on. Unity, and working together is the way to go!

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