CoronaVirus and Second Life !

As we all try to stay in shelter and hunker down in our homes from the coronavirus, I wonder how many people now start to realize how small and sad many of their problems really are.

When I say small problems I am talking silly arguments and fights over minor things no one really remember what they are caused be.

As the virus ravages people in the world, the sick grow in number and death totals rise, I use programs like Second Life to entertain myself everyday.

On Second Life we interact with one another while wearing Avatars and visiting sims. We meet people there and make friends, it’s sim program for fun and interaction is all. Now, what bother sme is the way some people take it far too serious and then overa word spoken the wrong way ora playful move of avatars, or a total misconception they hold grudges and won’t let go. Sadly, this happened to me from a woman I called a friend in Second Life.

I have apologized for whatever happened, but like a child or teenager, instead of telling me what I did wrong she clings to her anger and won’t let go. Sadly, I keep wondering how do I reach her, to clear it up, since I can’t remember what I did wrong? I ask she won’t tell me, so it becomes an endless circle of anger on her part and an endless circle of trying to figure it out on mine.

Now I recently sent her a message asking her to tell me what it was, she refuses saying it only gets her mad to think of it. So, until she does drop it or forgive it, or talk about it so I can fix it, I have to just accept the fact she is mad at me and won’t tell me why.

So I have to just move on, and give her time, it feels more like dealing with a teenage girl then a full grown woman to me. Teenagers do this stuff, they get petulant, stubborn and refuse to talk things out, and the anger persists. In the end they either grown up and mature and decide to talk it out, or suffer for it, because it becomes a problem they can’t handle in life and it hurts them, not me or you.

With The CoronaVirus staring all in the face, the economies of the world failing and going under and people dying and getting sick, and trying to stay alive, I don’t have time or anymore concern to find out anymore what her problem really is. Sadly, it will have to sit with her, festering in her soul and heart, til she decides to face it, talk it out and fix it in someway I have tried three times, to no avail.

What usually separates friends like this is outside influences and misconceptions. Sadly, it must have happened here, and in the end even friendships end or die for no good reason other than one feels affronted or hurt, thinking the other did it to them and they can’t let go and just start over and forgive. I can’t sit and keep dealing with it, so I put it in her hands and that’s all I can do.

A little clue may be this, you are the company you keep folks. Before you hook up with someone in real life or second life, check them out first. Sometimes the person you connect with is the reason for losing friends, and you don’t realize it. So take a second look, even in Second Life.

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