Just a few reflections here today to think about folks!

Life in America has changed vastly, the coronavirus has now taken over one thousand deaths in america and many more worldwide. people are isolating themselves and fighting to stay alive and not get the virus.

People shop in Grocery Stores because we have no other choice really, we can’t plan ahead for everytime we run out of things to eat or clean.

So like most I try to have groceries delivered to my doorstep and then, clean up the items before putting them away if I can.

Like many Americans I find ways to entertain myself at home. here we use our computers over the internet, I play games and play in programs like Second Life, where I meet all kinds of people worldwide.

I enjoy it, I do, and many sim in Second Life are for different reasons here and to explore, I love Second Life.

But, like the real world there are dangers even in Second life and it’s virtual world. There are some very unstable individuals, who are not what they say they are and act very strange and indifferent to people, for whatever reason they choose. I have learned the best way to handle them is either mute them, block them or leave the sims they are on and just find a new one to play in. At some point when you are only arguing with individuals and don’t even remember how it started or why, you just say enough and move on.

Anyway Second Life has many sims and venues and finding another to fit you or you feel more comfortable in is easy.

I also read books and watch television in the coronavirus era including news and CNN. I listen to the advice on the virus, stay home all I can and clean my hands and surface constantly. Social Distancing is indeed the only way to slow the virus spread at this date and time. As Doctors have said on the news, it takes time to find a vaccine for the virus. Best estimates if all goes right and they get lucky may be 18 to 24 months. Yes folks a two year period of living this way wil drive some mad and crazy, but we need to find ways to cope for sure.

As you can tell from this blog, I also like to write and I write blogs like this one and short stories and poems at times. I sometimes just find it helpful for my soul to speak my mind with the written word for others to read. Not everyone will agree with one says no matter who you are out there, all of us have different views and perspectives and that in and of itself makes the world of humanity keep moving along. It is what makes it interesting indeed.

I hope and pray all stay safe from the CoronaVirus I really do and I pray those I love avoid it big time. We are all so isolated now and unable to run t take care of our loved ones, for the fear of them having the coronavirus and us getting it and spreading it to others also.

Anyway, what’s next besides the Coronavirus and our social distancing we need to keep doing. I don’t know for sure, no one does, but I wonder at times, is GOD trying to tell us something with this virus? Or how about the climate crisis we all face now? Is God trying to tell us and show us the planet is in peril and so is humanity and it’s time to change our ways?

I am not a big religious person, never have been, but I do believe there is something or someone who created all we have and us. Whether you believe in a God, or in Darwin or alternate way of creation we are here, who knows, what may come next for us all. We all need to wake up realize something, we are human, we make mistakes, we correct ourselves and we carry on the best we know how. No human being , male, female, black white brown yellow or any other nationality is perfect and we all breathe the same air, drink the same needed water, we all sleep, eat, drink, defecate and urinate too. The fact is this no matter who you are and where you are from in the world, we all need to do our part in preserving the world, the human race, in fighting diseases and virus and more. Until we all wake up and get on one page, whether it is in everyday life, Second Life, or anywhere else, we can not save humanity, we can’t save the planet and future generations on the planet are at stake. We all need to remember we don’t have ships to take us elsewhere to live and even if we did, we still have no place to go, that will support mankind do we?

Just a few reflections here today to think about folks! As we fight to survive and conquer a virus we need to beat!

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