Only mankind as a species can accomplish saving ourselves and the planet we live on too.

As people die from the coronavirus and others get sick and some recover, it is apparent to me, Trump has only one thing as his personal agenda each day.

He isn’t coming on television and holding news conferences about the virus or giving honest answers. He is giving answers he wants to give to make himself and his administration look good in the November Election. He wants one thing, to ensure he gets re-elected.

The number of lies during Trump’s Administration out of his mouth are now too numerous to count or keep track of. He also makes up numerous plans in his own head, that have nothing to do with what reality is telling all of the world, concerning this pandemic.

He is dreaming if he thinks this virus will disappear by the end of April, it may be with us for years, yet no one wants to hear that, especially Trump supporters out there.

The blindness of Trump and his administration, to the virus coming to america and his inappropriate preparations for it show why we now have the highest number of cases of the virus in the United States. Trump will not listen to experts, or scientist, of even his own medical experts. He thinks this is a hoax, a game, a way to stop his re-election, he is wrong! Quite frankly, I don’t think Americans care if Trump is re elected or not right now. What we care about is survival of ourselves, our families and loved ones.

So Lets get the tests needed out to the Medical Facilities and Doctors, lets produce masks to help, lets support the investigation, the process and the ultimate finding of a vaccine to kill this virus in it’s tracks.

The world has suffered in the past from epidemics and pandemics, we survived them but, they will always take lives when they happen. Downplaying the facts will not help anyone. You want people to social distance, then show it, do it yourself. Lead by example!

Yes a President has to make hard decisions, you were hired to do that Trump, but, you make very bad choices at times and americans are realizing it now for sure.It will bite you in the ass soon enough. No disrespect meant, but, that business college degree is worthless as I see it, it isn’t helping you lead, or find solutions. When we look for a new President and we will soon, I pray to GOD, we never elect or reelect men or women who have no experience, TV Talk Show Hosts. For America did that now and we suffer for the incompetence and lack of abilities, and of course leadership abilities Real President’s had.

Now, that said, we need all who can to make masks, we need all who can to make clothes needed to treat this virus and to supply Doctor’s, Nurses, Nurse’s Aids and all who work in the field to defeat this virus. We need them to keep working to save lives, and they need equipment to do so. We need to find how to make more respirators faster, we need more gowns, gloves, masks and testing kits. We need faster manufacturing of all.

But, most of all, we need to keep the social distancing as needed. We need to watch over our own families and friends and neighbors too. We need to work as one country, one people, to overcome this. If needed we can do this and stay safe, but to stop this virus, we need to do it as one species on one planet, save humanity and earth.

I don’t like Trump true, never have, and dislike him even more as his performance goes on in the Presidency. Yet we are stuck, with him till, January 2021. No matter what we do, all I want is an honest President, who shows leadership, makes decent decisions and listens to his advisers, and one who can get it done right, we don’t need a President who just wants to line his own pockets, not now. We don’t need a President who won’t listen to his own medical experts and scientist, we needa man who can lead by example give us the truth and make us realize this virus is not going away and to show us how to survive, till we get a vaccine to kill it or stop it.

America has a part of it’s written words and documents this, One Nation Under GOD, well we need to now have this for all on Earth, On Species Under GOD! Unite, fight back, help each other !

For in the end we are facing not only a fight against death and the virus, but the possible end of humanity and the planet too. Only mankind as a species can accomplish saving ourselves and the planet we live on too.

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