Stay Home, Safe Lives

I see this everyday on Television , hear it on the radio, and see it in newspapers, What is it? IT’s simple it is Donald J. Trump trying like hell to look like a hero in the coronavirus outbreak and pandemic. He fails each time.

Today, 95 percent of Americans are hunkered down in their homes, in quarantine, trying to avoid a virus that kills. It has now killed over 5,000 Americans alone and there is no slowing it, it seems.

Yes, we can clean our hands and bodies daily, yes we can stay home as much as humanly possible in isolation, with only those we live with.

We still need to eat, so groceries have to be bought, Water needs to be had, primary necessities too. Medications are needed for those who are sick or mentally ill, help is needed by the elderly and more. Is it coming no, why, because from day one of this pandemic the American President Donald J. Trump, was unable to gather his smarts and himself enough to know it was coming and prepare for it.

The medical supply surplus shelves are now bare, the masks and respirators don’t exist, and people are sick and dying, why because Trump told everyone it will be fine. The Virus will disappear by April, then by Easter, and now he says end of April. wrong. We may not see this virus die out or be overcome until a vaccine is found to kill it, and that folks takes time. As Dr. Fauci and others have said, the process to create a virus can take up to 18 to 24 months. That mean this virus can be with us at least 2 to 3 years, or better, why simple, once they identify the virus fully, they still need to find what kills it and then find the best way to administer it to you or I, so it doesn’t kill us too, the vaccine that is. Facts are facts folks, yesterday in one day we lost as Americans over 1,000 people in one day to it, who is next, you or I, family, or friends?

We need a President who isn’t worried about being Re Elected now, we need a President who won’t come out during a Coronavirus update Info briefing and start talking politics like it’s all that matters. Because folks I don’t care if gas for cars is .99 cents a gallon now, it’s nice, but who the hell is going to use it? We are all in isolation in our homes, hunkered down trying to survive, low gas prices mean nothing to me, if I can’t go out, do they?

Primary concerns now are food, water, survival, soap, cleaning yourself, sanitizing surfaces. Keeping your loved ones alive, not Trump’s re election. One way or another, the election will be held we know that and somehow the votes will come in. In the meantime President Trump complete your job, lead the nation and its people, make the right decisions, listen to the medical and scientific experts about this virus. Stop telling Americans it’s a hoax to ruin your re election, stop saying it’s political ploy, start telling your Trump Supporters the truth and save their lives. Because of you Donald J.. Trump thousands will die who are you blind followers, for they repeat everything you say, stop being a Carny Barker and start being a damn Leader! Wake up!

If America loses 100,000 people to 240,000 people to this virus, what do you think their survivors are going to think about a President who worried more about his own personal agenda to get re elected then about the people of the country he is supposed to be the Leader of? The numbers can end up much more than 240,000 people and the knowledgeable and educated Americans with common sense know this can be double that easy. Safe distancing can only do so much, as can masks and gloves and sanitizers. The truth is this virus has to be fought in the medical arena and in the labs of the world. To beat it and kill it is our only option here, it is now in the hands of lab technicians and scientist. What we need is full backing of these individuals from the ground floor up, including all medical personnel who are fighting it in all areas. They will be the ones who have to treat us all, care for us all and in the end administer the vaccine when it is found. Their dedication and work is what will save humanity, not a President who wants re elected!

A few things to close with here, see a Nurse, A Doctor, anyone who works in Medicine these days, say Thank you to them for fighting this and helping others ! The sacrifice they are making by putting themselves out front is huge. They don’t need to do it folks, they can quit if they want, they do it because they want to and feel the need to, please remember that. They are dedicated, caring professionals, and people who love people and humanity. Treat them with respect!

Second thing, to all the doubters or people who thought this was a hoax, a ploy to stop Trumps; re election, it isn’t! It is real and thousands are dying on our streets and in hospitals world wide. Are you going to be like Trump and deny it, until it hits home, by hitting a friend or family member? Wake up before it does, it is real, no hoax, no ploy by anyone. Viruses don’t care if your a Democrat, a Republican, white , black, male, or female, they don’t care what nationality you are, what country you belong to, or what nation your from! They strike and they do change as they go along sometimes they become weaker versions, sometimes stronger once as they evolve. But no matter what, they are not a hoax, they are a political attack, they are not a way to stop someone’s re election ok! They are deadly, watch as the numbers grow and you shall see!

Survival of Humanity and the world is at stake! Stay Home, Safe Lives! Stay safe, by using all you can to protect you and the ones you love! The best place to be is home, the best way to be is clean and sanitized the best you can, and on that note, I will end my blog today!

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