The Coronavirus Facts are Real!

As the hunt for a vaccine to defeat the coronavirus continues, we are all worldwide, hunkered down only going out for medical reasons or grocery shopping to eat and drink.

Many are lonely and isolated, and the social distancing is driving some into fits of anger, depression, and causing problems domestically. The side effect of being social distanced is the lack of interaction, touch, feel and of course laughter or tears in person. A Human being is made to socially interact with others, we all know this from our youngest days of life, we are taught it.

The fact, so many are dying is something is is unavoidable to deny! Lets look at the numbers as of today, April 4th, 2020- 1,119,109 Infected, have the virus so far, and these numbers lag behind reality folks, it takes time to collect them.

The death toll mounts across the world also, 58,955 deaths all attributed to the coronavirus. The numbers give us a stark reality of what is really happening with this virus in the atmosphere we live in as human beings. The multiplication factor daily is scary and deadly folks, we need to hunker down as much as possible, period.

I used to be a die-hard catholic when I was kid, because my mother was one and sent us to church all the time every Sunday, until we got old enough, to say yes or no, on our own. Religion is a primary need and right of all people worldwide, but I want all those who are religious and church goers to know, and listen to me, here. The good book does not say you have to attend church to survive or be recognized by your God or higher being. It does state and I quote all are heard everywhere. The Bible says it in it folks, God Hears and sees all, and knows all. So do me a favor you church goes who still attend church, stop walking into a church and killing each other, ok. It’s like a blind flock of sheep, walking on a train track and waiting for a train to hit them and not paying attention to the train coming.

Wake up Please, Stay Home, pray at home, worship at home, read your bible at home please. I know the Priest and Church needs money to survive and parishioners too, to survive, but the church will still be standing, when this coronavirus is gone or we are finally vaccinated from it. Be smarter then you are zealous or dedicated ok, God gave you a brain for a reason , make the right decision here and stay alive, stay home. You family needs you, you children need you, your grandchildren need you and your parents too. I hope you understand, I am not putting down churches or religion folks, I am saying it will be there when it is all clear and all GODS can hear your prayers, or confessions, from you from your own homes too. A church congregation is a gathers of many people, it is a small building packed with people, it will spread coronavirus big time, please listen!

In the meantime, I want all to stop and think of the numbers infected and dying each day. Yes they are multiplying by three each day. It is no more oh the flu killed more last year, wrong. It is no more a hoax or political weapon being used against The President of The United States or created just to stop a re election!. Never was, never could be, if anyone is dumb enough to create a pandemic in the world, then guess what, they are only going to kill themselves also, so it isn’t that, ok. It’s a damn virus folks, it takes time and effort to isolate it, and to study it, and then break it down and find something to kill it, that will not, kill us as humans when we take it as a vaccine, ok. So listen, it may take two years or more to find the answer, we don’t know, so hunker down and lets all cooperate so we can all live once the vaccine is found.

The only thing you should go out is for necessary things, like, medical needs, medication, groceries if you can’t get them delivered. Please, try to cooperate here, and stay safe out there! We don’t need interaction so much if we have families and someone we live with, we do need to be more patient, more kind, more understanding and of course, more accepting of those we love and live with. The longer we are locked up and isolated and social distanced, the need and fears of wanting to get out will manifest itself, but, don’t do it folks. All you do is spread the virus, give it avenues to race to others on, an d ifect and kill more, stay home, stay safe please!

The Medical staffs, Doctors and Nurses, technicians and more, all need us to stay home. They are the front line here, they deserve our support, our co-operation and they deserve our respect too. They put their lives on the line every time they enter a medical facility, of any kind. They know it too, but they also know the need to save mankind, you and I, is primary, their dedication and commitment to it should be honored and they should be listened to. Stay Home, Stay Safe!

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