So, stop, Think, stay safe, stay clean, stay home!.

As the virus rages through humanity across the world, we hunker down in mass in our homes and try to prevent ourselves and our loved ones from getting it, in anyway. Each day is a adventure in survival, as we try to get the food, and drinks and medications we all need to survive.

Here there are only two of us, my wife and I, huddled in our home, I am 64 and have a lobe and one third less than a normal man, due to lung cancer in 2013. My wife, is 79 going on 80 in September and she has breast cancer stage 4, that has metastasized to her bones and her battle includes, immunotherapy treatments and blood draws and shots.

Now, I am stable myself, My cancer was taken out but hers is ongoing everyday. As millions of americans, fight for survival in the sameway we are, it is people like my wife and I who at the highest risk for getting this virus. If it hits either of us in anyway, we may as well just call the coroner and have the body bags ready. We are realistic people, trying to survive, not playing games and yet the coronavirus, is here and no one is really safe, out there.

We had started ordering groceries for delivery, and found it was nice to pay for it to be done and feel a little safer when they were deposited on our doorstep. The next time we tried to do the same every delivery date was filled up and I was forced to put in for pick-up of said groceries. Which means I am taking a chance at 64 with a lung cancer history in doing so, but I have no choice but to do so if I am to feed us both.

Americans, have gone completely crazy due to this virus, and completely selfish and foolish too. Lets hoard toilet paper and sanitizer and more. Why? Look let me say this to all, the virus has nothing to do with your ass end being wiped. As to sanitizers for your hands, ever hear of soap and water, or clorox bleach or Mr. Clean. The unrealistic approach of hoarding things, is nuts folks.

As we stay home and hope the curve levels or comes down and less deaths occur and a vaccine can be found, lets remember to help our seniors, keep them safe and our children too. I know each of us, are worried about getting the coronavirus and I agree worry, be alert, watch who you touch, do social distancing, but don’t go crazy, and hoard and be so selfish you destroy others and give them no chance for living themselves. We are one race, humanity, be realistic here, be a little kinder, and don’t be like some stupid ass survivalist ina death movie. OK?

People fighting over cleaners and sanitizers and toilet paper will not stop the virus, staying home will slow it down and the rest is a waiting game on the scientists and doctors to find a vaccine for this virus. As we all wait and be extra careful, do us all a favor, act with humanity and common sense, have a little bit of manners and show some courtesy to Seniors and children too.

President Trump has sent too many Americans into a panic attack with his stupid speeches and false words. He is not a Doctor folks he is playing to his base and playing politic with this virus, just trying to get re elected. You can’t re-open churches and pack them by Easter, you can’t realistically predict when this will end. Nor, can you predict, when a vaccine will be found and be ready for all humans, that’s a long process. President Trump wants to reboot the American economy, so he can get re elected not for any other reason. If you reboot the economy, you send people to work spaces, factories, offices where people get packed into by any where from 5 to 10 to 100’s in small spaces. Not the right answer folks, stay home! The virus is out there, we don’t know who is just a carrier and spreader, and we only know the numbers we are getting on a delayed basis, it has to catch up for the correct figure to be compiled for release. Trump think every speech on coronavirus isa platform speech to boast about some achievement his administration has done, when in fact, he has failed at all of it. Yes listen to the medial speeches, do what we did Doctors are done, cut Trump off, his political bullshit has nothing to do with what we all need to hear and know, how to beat coronavirus, how to stop it’s spread and how to stay alive and avoid it. He can claim whatever he wishes, he failed as a President in everything he has touched, and he has failed to handle this crisis correctly too. He is not a President, he isa cheerleader asking you to play his game, dont!

Stay Home, Stay Safe, only go out if absolutely needed for food or medicines. Don’t get close to anyone, wear masks and stay clean at all times. Be safe Americans, Be Safe world, this virus will run it’s course, we will find a vaccine, and in the end, we will survive as one humanity on the only planet we will ever have that supports human life. So, stop, Think, stay safe, stay clean, stay home!.

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