Coronavirus update!

May is now upon us all in the World, we are hunkered down. frighten, scared and worried about surviving. As other Americans suddenly believe it is time to reopen America, I disagree, completely. There is no vaccine for Covid-19 folks and it will not just die off on it’s own. 65,655 Americans are dead due to the virus, and in the end we still don’t know where it came, from or how to stop or kill it before it kills us.

I tire of sarcastic individuals or those trying to be funny, about this virus covid-19. It’s killing people at a rate of 2.8 per 100, it hits. No Seasonal Flu did not kill at that rate and still never will. Coronavirus is killing at twice to almost 3 times the rate of the flu folks. The numbers are staggering, the hospitals are full and backed up, medications for conditions other than those for the virus are drying up.

Food is out there but I ask, do you want to go to store or supermarket to shop these days, I don’t and you shouldn’t either. People have no idea what social distancing is, and because some don’t want to believe in it or listen to the guidelines, people bump into one another stand in line and rush and then bam, someone sneezes, someone coughs and you now have a whole line of people or a store of people infected with it. It spreads that fast, do you understand that America?

Look I am not saying panic, but if you don’t stay home , stay isolated the best we can, this virus will keep spreading and killing. It’s that simple, OK!

Confirmed 1.13M- cases of Covid-19 65,605- Deaths
These numbers grow daily and people run around making jokes, being sarcastic and try to back Trump and all he says about, said virus. The Facts are simple and Trump will never admit a thing he screwed up. No I don’t blame him for the virus, I blame him for not reacting when he should have, for not stopping and going we have a problem here. I blame him for lack of preparations, I blame him for not listening to medical and scientific individuals who are specialist.
Trump’s only interest is himself, his own reelection in November and his own money woes. He never refilled stock piles for this pandemic, he cut funding to many things he had no business touching, without looking. Trump has failed at everything he touches and because of his ignorance and his, I am in charge attitude, millions have died now. and Millions more will still.
His stupidity of lets reopen America, is like the dumb leading the dumb here, it’s a flashback to the movie DUMB and DUMBER in my book.
There is nothing as sad as seeing a United States President stand on public television and ask if people can inject disinfectants into themselves. I have a 3 year old child who would tell you it kills people if you ingest it, warning labels all over it, yet he said it on television. Children heard it and reached for it and parents had to stop it, the poison Control Centers had to stop people from doing it, over the phones and internet. Trump has no idea what he is doing and someone should tell him to not give speeches on this virus, to be quiet and allow the experts to speak only.
Sadly, Americans will do what they want and venture out, get the virus and die, there is no vaccine people understand that. No vaccine, no way to stop the virus from killing you and me, understand. Hunker down, stay safe, stay home, and don’t go to parks and beaches or clubs or stores or go to the movies or go bowling or anything else. You do, you are taking the chance of getting this virus and passing it on to your family and loved ones.
Do you want to wake up one day, and get a phone call your family member or friend died of covid-19 and you gave it to them and are responsible for it? I know I don’t want to.

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