Coronavirus, Trump,Economy vs safety!

As America’s death toll from the coronavirus rises, and the world’s too, is it logical and making sense that due to economies, the world wants to reopen and intermingle again to make money flow?

I understand the facts in this case in many ways, The want to make ends meet and for men and women to go out and provide for their families. I also understand the medicalcaring of home bound patients I have one in my wife who has breast cancer here in my home since 2006. I survived lung cancer myself in 2013, and have diabetes and PTSD and more. So, O more than most do know what being in a high risk category for getting coronavirus also known now as Covid-19.

Yet, President Trump is urging americans to take a risk and go out and work again and put themselves at risk to first catch Covid-19, which is nasty as a virus even if you survive it and live through having, or facing death from it.

The Economy is important yes folks I agree, but before you all rush out, remember there is no cur for Covid-19, there is no vaccine and there probably won’t be till mid 2021. Scientist, medical experts are all saying the same thing, viruses take time to be found number one, working viruses that are safe don’t just come out of the blue to stop such a virus, hard work and research is what takes time. Then you, have to mass produce it before it can be given to all, it has to pass all trials and be safe for humans to take. All Medical Experts and Scientist will tell you the same.

Our President, wants us to rush out, and reopen the economy and country with no worry about how many more will get sick and or die. They contain or control the Covid-19 Virus in the White House, never mind the country. So, now President Trump is not letting anyone not tested near him, his valet has the virus and so does Vice President Pence’s Secretary. The White House is scrambling to do tracing to see who was in contact with those, who have had it. The Advantage the President has and all in governemnt is simple they can get a Covid-19 test daily, we the citizens of America can’t.

I remind all of today’s numbers pertaining to the Covid-19 Virus as of this last report I found on the Internet—

Confirmed1.38M+17,776- confirmed cases/ COnfirmed deaths-81,491

So As I remind you of those numbers I ask you this question, why is it ok for us to rush out and restart the economy, and Trump and his family and the politicians of america ok to hide and not come out themselves? Why is it The White House and it’s people from the President on down to he Senate and house of Representatives to get daily testing and not us, the citizens? The numbers above were not supposed to be 81,000 r more deaths until august folks, but, they are now higher than predicted and will continue to grow. Do you wish to be one?

I say, forget reopening the country to reelect a failing President who wants reelection! Stay Home, Stay social distancing, use masks and sanitizer and wash yourself daily, soap and water! Take care and protect yourself and those you love, the ones who haven’t are now a part of the 81,491 deaths above. Be safe out there!

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