Trump is a Failure in all Ways!

                             I have lived since 1956, I am 64 years old and will be 65 years old in January of 2021 if  live so long. In my days, I have lived through Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon. Ford, Carter, Reagan, GHW Bush, Clinton,  George W. Bush,  Barrack Obama, and now Trump. America has a long history of Presidents for sure. We have now 45 of them.

                              In my days, as a born and bred American, who served his country for sixteen years  in three branches of service, I have never once seen an American President like Donald J, Trump. I have 5 DD-214s, all Honorable Discharges to my name, Trump has two letters of 4 f for bone spurs he never had. He has no business using the American Miitary Against American Citizens on America’s streets.  He divides people,  by races and colors, and shows how bigotted and foolish he is daily.  His hatered of Blacks and Hispanics is never hidden and his treatment of them has never been either. Yet, he is President of The United States, a position he has no business holding. in my opinion.

                              Lets talk his term in Office now, what has Donald John Trump accomplished in his term in Office so far? Nothing that helps the American People is the answer, He changed the Tax Codes to benefit himself and his cronies, check, he promised to return jobs to American soil that went to other countries, failure. He promised to create a Health Care Program to Replace Obama Care, he failed again and in the process destroyed Obama Care without any replacement, leaving millions without coverage.   Sad is the only word I can come up with to describe his time in Office up to right now. It gets even sadder, when you stop to look at his word on building a wall on America’s Southern border. He failed here too, even stealing funds from Military bases he has no business touching. His total wall that is repaired is 600 feet long period and  is a paint job on the rest. These are not his biggest failures though.

                               Trump failed to get anything from South Korea’s Kim Jung UN either, Their meeting was a political ploy on his part and an attempt to look good  was all. Kim Jung Un Laughs at Trump, for Trump gave him what he wanted a place on the world stage to be seen and heard. Trump didn’t stop or reduce South Koreas’ nuclear program at all. Sadly, it’s a failure on his part.

                               Trump failed to handle Russian Interference in America’s elections too. He told Putin don’t do it, and Putin is ignoring him and still doing it today across America and the world. Other Leaders of the world are laughing at Trump left and right, Canada, England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and all our Allies are going, what is this, Trump is an idiot. They gather to talk climate change, he screws it up, they gather to talk military might or the economy he screws it up. He isn’t listened to by anyone and it is the saddest performance by an American President in United States History. We have had 45 Presidents, none so lowly rated or so lowly qualified. It’s a sad thing to see and the world laughs at us for it.

                                  Today, we face a pandemic that is killing hundreds of thousands of Americans and more world wide. Trump failed to act when told of it, boo hoed it along till the death tolls started to climb. Failed to find the Medical equipment and masks for the Doctors and nurses and assistants who are working overtime to save lives. He still refuses to wear a mask and set an example today, that’s not leadership folks, it’s foolishness.  Then he pushes to reopen the American Economy, knowing full well there is no way to stop a virus without a vaccine. He knows this, yet he keeps pushing and Governors have listened opening their states and the cases of Covid 19 now grow again, predictions are now we will lose well over 2oo,ooo Americans soon enough. He has no answers and he bucks his medical and scientific leaders. His lack of leadership, his inability to comprehend and understand and work toward alleviating this virus is  sad and  imcompetant period. He has a lack of morals, ethics and caring like no other President in American History.

                                  Now we come forward just a little more in his term and he uses a bible and church for political purposes after a black man is murdered by police in the streets of America? As Protests rage across America, by not only blacks but by all Americans he does this? For what purpose for his own purposes of trying to get reelected is all. It’s a sad statement on his desperation. His performance is President is a total loss period. He has failed at everything he has tried to do, with one exception, he made the Supreme Court Conservative, big shit. He got lucky and backed by Republican cronies in the Senate to do it I all. If not for McConnel he would have failed at this too.

                                  Now he attacked CNN, for Presidential Political Poles he doesn’t like because they say Biden is fourteen points up on him in the race for The White House in November of 2020. No President or political party has ever done such a thing in American History, and not even Truman attacked the polls or media back in his days when they said he was gonna lose. He just went out and proved them wrong, was all, he didn’t cry, moan complain or attack the media! This is not Presidential action on Trump’s part, it is childish, selfish behavior and not worthy of the Office he holds.

                                  Let me close in this way. If America is foolish enough to re -elect Donald John Trump, it will  be the worse event to happen in America’s history, he has already destroyed our reputation, our standing and no one looks up to us anymore. We have entered a recession now also, he has no economy to run on now. It was his one claim to fame and power in American Politics, but, even that he destroyed and it was handed to him from Barrack Obama. He thinks and has his followers believing the Stock Market rebound is the economy it isn’t folks, that’s a lie if he tells you it is. The bottom line he went in angry at Barrack Obama, for Obama embarrassing his at a Political event, before he even decided, to run. You could see it on television when it happened, he turned beet red. Then he came out to run for President, got elected by buying the Electoral College and barely beating Hillary Clinton, who beat him senseless in the popular vote in 2016. Once  in Office everything he has done or tried to do, is to tear down Obama’s Legacy is all. He failed at it too. You can’t kill a good President’s Legacy, all you can do is try to match it, and Trump didn’t and can’t. He is a failure.

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