Second Life, A Virtual World

Reality, at times does not match the fascination of the unreal in Virtual Worlds. I use and like Second Life, put out by Linden Labs. It is a fun program that allows interaction between individuals, by the use of what is called Avatars and pixel built locations, clubs and more. It is indeed a virtual world many now live in at times for social interaction and more. It’s an Online program, over the Internet and can be used for free.

Many need to remember a few keys about such a Virtual World and Program. 1) It is virtual yes and it does allow you to make up your own mind as to what your avatar will look like, what clothes you wear, and what kind of a sim you build or go to is of course is up to you. 2) Many forget a very powerful thing, while in this virtual world because, it is such fun and it is entertaining too, and that is simply put, as you wander through it and look for places you like or people you like, you need to remember there is indeed a real person behind each Avatar in it. 3) Always keep in mind these are real people escaping or using a virtual world, to escape sometimes bad realities, or real life traumas, or in some cases, invalids and people who are limited in all they do in real life. 4) The next thing to remember for all who enter Second LIfe, the creators and operators can only so much to control what they created, the numbers of users makes this so. 5) People can and will be cruel, vindictive, angry, or just plain not your type or vise versa, do yourself a favor, Second Life gives you the power to mute, or block anyone who acts in this manner. It also gives you a way to report the user to them and outline what they did. Protecting yourself in Second Life, is sometimes hard, and scary. so do yourself a favor, save logs, or make note cards of any attacks by others and when you make a report, make sure Linden Labs has the person fully identified and your logs of what happened.

Second Life is an escape from reality folks, and fun. But just like a Xbox or Playstation or any other game online, you must stay in control, avoid the pitfalls of other people and just play the game for fun, or educational purposes. You may not like a person you will meet or you may get angry at them for something they say or do, just like in real life. do yourself a favor don’t bother with publicly fighting back it only makes you look bad, walk away. find a new sim or like I said Block, or Mute and Ignore the person. As soon as you speak out or say anything in retaliation, you are now at fault also, and will get blamed by the Sim Owner, and then by Linden Labs also, if you persist, and you will be ultimately banned from using Second Life. Please remember, it is not a real world but a virtual world and people are always watching you and how you act in it.

That’s my take on Second Life as it is today with updates to it programs, avatars and more. It’s fun, it’s an escape and it can be enticing and even addictive at times. If you find yourself unable to leave Second Life to take care of real life then you have a real problem and need help from a professional. Real lIfe is what the world and your lives are about, Second LIfe is just what it says, a Second Life. you can escape to when you have time for fun, I hope all will remember that. Real Life is far more important and happiness really isn’t found in a game, it’s found in real life relationships, don’t blow real life relationships for a game folks, ok.

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