So all can live in peace, and prosper and grow.

Let’s talk, people today, like why some do what they do to others, In Life and in relationships, not all goes right between all individuals. Some are forgiving and some are not ,also. And people tend to avoid those they misunderstand due to the way they speak or act or do things differently. We all do it, whether you like to admit it or not, folks. Some have fears of those who are different in some ways, for some it is a racial thing, or a skin color, or a lack of morals or ethics, or in some cases, just a refusal to listen and hear clearly what the other person is saying. A blanket refusal comes into play here and many don’t understand why they do it, when they do it, some do the blanket refusal bit on purpose because they don’t like what they heard or the person they do it to does not agree on all items with them period. This blanket refusal to communication, compromise, listen and respond causes massive problems for both sides involved.

There are many reasons for this happening, some are Prejudice, Discrimination, Racial inequality, use of language and barriers in it, but, the real ending reason is usually impatience and a lack of ability to listen and compromise. It happens daily to many people, we all have different ideas and thoughts on what life encompases and preset ideas we have instilled in us from childhood. So when something does not fit our thoughts or ideas we have pre-built in, we struggle to accept new ideas or ways and stick to what we know, shunning all that may be different or new. Sadly, this causes an uneasiness between people, then fear steps in, or anger and we get emotional and reject all that comes from that person. The schism it causes, causes more harm then anything else to both sides involved and can destroy relationships period.

How do we overcome this process and carry on in life in such a way as to benefit, society, and ourselves? I have looked at this in many ways over time and found that the best solution is to listen first. Listen with an open mind, listen with the intention of trying to understand and trying to find common ground. Then, not going off half-cocked so to say and going crazy because you don’t tend to agree, but accepting what is different and then moving on acknowledging the differences and accepting them as they be. As Mr. Spock, From Star Trek once said many times over, ” It Is Indeed, only logical to do.”

Something else to consider in this process is this, many times people are influenced by other people and do things because they are asked to or being pushed to, or they are told if they dont they will lose contact with someone they care about, or as I have become familiar with, because they believe they are protecting someone, they care for.

In this case before you do something because someone wants you to, you should step back, look twice and consider what they are asking you to do, is is good for you to do, and do you know both sides of said issue or only one. One person can create lies, stories, tales and say things in anger and fire up a crowd or just a few or even one person into doing things they shouldn’t and hurting others they have no real reason to. It’s a sad thing to see and in the end it not only hurts the one who is doing the attacking for someone, but the victim and then reflects back on the one who did it. So in the end, the one who sent the attack, sits back controlling it, and not getting any feedback or feeling of what they did, but their attacker does it all at their direction and may suffer the consequences for doing so. Now you have two people who are hurt seriously at the direction of the third who set it all up out of anger, vindictiveness, prejudice, discrimination or some other stupid reason. It produces a stack up effect like dominos falling in a line, because one thing leads to the next and it can go on forever unless someone or thing wakes up and breaks the line.

Being a Veteran, and a Disabled Person, with my medical problems I have come to understand many things in life. Color, race, nationalism all have no bearing on whether a person is a good or bad person. What does is the beliefs that were instilled as a child, they become hardwired into our minds and affect how we see things period.

The only way to overcome this is to force yourself to look at both sides of every issue, and realize, one, all are human beings, two we all make mistakes, three we all must stop, face our mistakes, back track, and correct those mistakes to move forward. If we don’t, well we are perpetuating a problem, and keeping it going on for all and it destroys when it happens, all around it. Sadly, too many get stuck in this mode and what happens is utter destruction of relations and it becomes violent and gets out of control. Causing Wars, Protests, Screaming, Yelling and acting out people want to fight back against. It activates mankind’s self-defense mechanisms and in the end it compounds the problems, mankind faces.

World War 2, is well known in history, But I remind you it took, Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin to all sit down and listen to one another to find a solution to the German problem as well as the Japanese problem too. The War didn’t end itself, The Allies ended it, to save all mankind.

Which is why we must all follow their example as human beings. If we stop, examine, dissect, and come up with a common reason to fix what is wrong, we can fix it. If we refuse to even allow open dialogue and open listening, all involved suffer for it. The same is in all relationships across the globe, the failure to listen and communicate correctly kills and destroys mankind in all we do. So remember this, when angry, when upset, when not agreeing in anyway, don’t go off and run away and leave it festering, don’t yell and shout and attack one another, step back, take a break and then come back at it from a different angle or perspective folks. Get both sides to listen, you and them and in the end a compromise or agreement will come and work out. You may even just agree to disagree, but in the end there will be less friction, less anger, less problems and it will be better for all of mankind. A Better World and a Better mankind can produce many advantages and advances for the world. Lets learn to listen, to compromise and to communicate openly and honestly without anger, or fear, but as human beings, so all can live in peace, and prosper and grow.

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