Negotiation, Learn it, it works in many areas!

Negotiation, is a process that brings two sides together to accomplish a goal. It is also the art of compromise at the same time. All want things done their way, whether at home, in the work space or in relationships. We all struggle to make everything we do easier and in compliance with each other and to further the end goal we need to reach.

How do you negotiate and make it work then,? Well you bring a list of demands or needs to the table and so does the other person. Then you both sit and got through them all and sort out what will work for each side and then for both sides.

So first go over said list. both sides, have of their wants, needs desires and needs. When looking you will find many of the same needs are in common here. Then you will also find that the needs and desires and wants may matcha nd are just stated differently due to each the view or language of each party involved.

Sometime negotiation takes a bit of listening, that any do not have, YOu can’t negotiate if your not willing to compromise. It just can’t be one sides and you force it on the other party. Does not go that way, and never will for you will fave resistance if you go this route, you are not their boss ora God, listen to them and make sure they hear you too. Clarity is a major factor here. and the ability to understand one another is critical. Too many jump to conclusions they have no business doing, and get prefabricated ideas, and just won’t give in. It’s not giving in if you agree, be open to new ideas and thoughts not closed off and set in your ways.

Present your case in an honest straight forward way and when you do aim it at the otherside not in an attacking wy, but in a useful way for them to understand and use it. You can’t get them to agree, if they don’t believe you are on the same page or trying to get to the same conclusion. Be prepared to adjust or make it clear your willing to change is necessary if you don’t you just bang heads. That wont get you there at all, listen, be honest, be truthful and be expressive yes, but, make clear what you saying so they understand and grasp it and you grasp what they are saying also.

Now you are ready to meet in the middle, compromise and make progress, otherwise you don’t get there. then you can eliminate bad ideas for each side, save the ones that work for both sides and march toward a good and happy conclusion to your negotiation. It does work folks, negotiation is vital in business, relationships and daily life, so listen, communicate clearly and be open to new ideas, in the end, the result will be surprisingly best for all involved.

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