Forgive and Forget and Move On.

Let talk about something many ignore or forget to to do. Lets talk about forgiving and forgetting and letting things go.

Some people have a problem with letting go of the past, either unpleasant events that have happened to them, or hatred of people, places or things, or even fears they have had in their past. All the above can destroy your life, the direction it takes, and what it becomes for you. Because each of the above reasons for not letting go, forgiving, can fester and stay with you causing feelings of hatred, anger, even sometimes vindictiveness and destruction.

Here is the first thing I will tell all who have these problems and feelings and the inability to let go of past events, they will fester, they will arise again and again and affect each day of your life as you move on. It will affect how you decide, how you love or don’t love, how you connect to other human beings and any relationships you have. I have seen it, and I have seen this inability isolate people also, people may drift toward you and be friendly, but once you show the signs of not letting go or forgiving the bitterness, you carry seeps into every area of your being and life. The funny thing is this, those who have this inability to forgive and forget and move on, don’t realize what it does to them until it is too late and they find themselves alone, depressed and suffering from loneliness and despair.

So how do you forget and forgive and move on, you might ask? The solution starts in a simple place folks, here is the answer. Unless there was murder, theft or destruction as the reason for what happened, that you won’t forgive you should rethink it and forgive. Also, some will say well that’s just wrong to say on my part. It isn’t folks, please listen to what I am about to say.

If you can’t remember why your angry, depressed, have animosity, or vindictiveness for or what caused it, then stop and readjust and forgive, it wasn’t, that important then, was it if you can’t remember what caused it all to start? I have seen this happen, too many people, they will say he or she is this or that and attack constantly when anything is said about that person or situation, but when you go Why are you so angry, they can’t even remember why! That’s when it’s time to move on folks, forgive, forget and yes, even start over. Anything less just allows it to fester, and grow bigger, until it explodes in anger, or an action you will later regret doing.

Trying to destroy a person’s reputation is a worthless exercise, really. Unless you can prove what you are saying, it will come back to haunt you, because the truth will come out, eventually. I know many think well; I have a right to be angry, but do you really, for an extended period, over a minor issue or disagreement? What you are doing is prolonging misery, for both the person we direct it at and yourself, because you can’t let go. Prolonging pain is the job of a sadist, and anyone who accepts such pain over a lengthy period and enjoys it is a masochist. Is that what you really are and is that what you want the world to see about you constantly. Even if you are into the BDSM or D/s Lifestyle, you don’t walk around daily, showing it publicly do you? I doubt it, and I think you are not really destroying the person you are directing it all at, you are destroying yourself, for all around you see it. And they go. Why are you doing this to yourself? So Please Wake up and learn to forget, forgive and move on to greener and better pastures folks.

The above said and spoken out loud and realized may be the best medicine many, may ever get or learn. It is a lesson all mankind needs to learn. And if you learn it, you shall live a freer and fuller life and have more fun and happiness, then if you don’t. We all want to belong, and understood, and accepted in society and in the world, do yourself a favor learn to Forgive and Forget and Move On.

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