November 3rd is coming faster than many will expect, Vote Trump Out!

Do Americans really understand that the Covid-19 virus is not done? IT is not eradicated, nor do we have a vaccine for the virus, so it is basically still present. Yet, many sit back and charge out into public places, no masks, no social distancing and the virus spreads, and the numbers climb.

We are being driven by politics and political needs, not by science and medical facts. I remind everyone the death toll in America is now over 119,000 deaths and rising daily. 18 states have rising cases of infection because people listened to the American President and reopened for business.. We are being driven now to reopen the country with no cure or vaccine, and because of this the numbers are rising daily.

Yes, the excuse to reopen all again, comes from a so-called push to get the American Economy back on track. But that is not worth the number of deaths we are getting. Many are losing their senior or elderly family members to this virus and we do not base the push to reopen on helping the American People, I base it on Trump wanting reelected. It;s a sad case, for it is Trump who fumbled the whole coronavirus pandemic from the beginning. Doctors, Scientist told him way back in December 2019 it was coming. He blew it off. He failed to react, but the virus did. He is responsible for the number of deaths from Covid-19. How many Americans and people world-wide must die, before we see a vaccine?

How much incompetence can Americans take from an American President is what I want to know? He failed at so many things it is sad to reflect on and the world is laughing at America because of his inadequacies and his lack of knowledge. This man didn’t even know where Finland is, or that South American Countries are not part of America. Come on, folks, wake up here. You have been bull shitted and beaten into believing Trump is so great by a pure propaganda campaign and advertising skills is all.

OK so, we can’t change the minds of pure Trump Supporters for they are blind, loyal followers who would follow him over a cliff if he jumped sadly. They run around in Red Hats and back Trump because they do not understand the truths and when you hit them with it, they will fight back. It is really a sad sight to see when you witness it in person, especially; they look at you like a rabid dog with rabies and counterattack like animals, instead of logic and common sense. It is one of the saddest sights ever seen in American History.

Trump’s record as president is one failure after another, and they laugh him world-wide by the Leaders of other nations. He failed in North Korea but gave their leader a seat on the world stage and never stopped his build-up of nukes. He failed at building a will on the Southern Border and having Mexico pay for it. They laughed at him. The wall is a ploy and not needed and anyone with any education will tell you so. 600 miles does not make a wall on the American / Mexican Border nor does repainting it. IT’s a waste of taxpayers’ money period and for sure.

His record of failures is larger than any of any American President in our country’s history. Yet his backers will scream at you he made a great economy, it’s a lie, and the truth is it was President Obama’s Economy and Trump inherited it when he came into office. Trump believes the stock market is the economy, it isn’t folks; he does not understand what the word economy means or anything about economics.Ask him a pointed question about what the economy really is or how it should run or operate, and he will point at the Stock Market and say see that’s it and it’s numbers are great, lol. He does not understand at all. Sad.

Now we enter the last stage of his four years in office, he has zero accomplishments, an economy in full recession, he did not bring back jobs from overseas, he’s killed healthcare for millions, and produced nothing to replace it at all. He spouts about how bad the Democrats are and can’t even walk down a simple ramp anymore. The man is of poor mind and poor health folks, and incapable, period.

He’s racist, and his views and ideas are non-existant, and so offbase it’s sad to listen to him.Yet the ones who backed him in 2016 are still his loyal supporters, I wonder what makes them so loyal to him?

How far by the wayside and out of the mainstream and out of the leadership position on the world stage has Trump Taken America? You tell me America, is this what you want to slide backwards, into a second or three world nation? I would hope not, November 3rd is coming faster than many will expect, Vote Trump Out! There is no excuse for incompetence of this proportion! America once proud and the biggest leader on the planet has just under four years of Trump fallen from the Leader of the World to an also ran, country falling toward third world status. Sad!

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