It’s a sad sight to see, from a President of the United States and the Leader of the country

As maybe 10 to 15 thousand people who are Trump Supporters stood in an arena and listened to Trump spout his rhetoric and stories of his Administration and more, America had the coronavirus cases rise by 33,770. He encouraged his supporters to come to his rally, and better than three quarters of the people there had no masks and no social distancing. Now here is the real question folks, How many of the ten to fifteen thousand people at said rally will now come down with coronavirus? Ten to 15 days from now we will know when they hit the hospitals sick!

How many more will die, because Trump wanted a rally to promote his re-election? It’s a simple enough question right, for we all know the coronavirus is not taking a vacation or anytime off in its spreading agenda. So, let’s use the model of scientific and medical facts. Scientist and Medical specialist say, a crowd of fifteen thousand should have an infection rate of 10 percent. Which means at minimum 1500 more people now have coronavirus, and then they leave the rally and on the way home they stop for dinner, or food or they go straight home and infect people along the way, without knowing they are carrying the virus themselves, because they are asymptomatic. Now, the virus doesn’t care who carries it, it just goes along for a ride and attacks the next person it can as it goes when it spreads. So, how many more cases of coronavirus is Trump and his rally now responsible for? How many more people must now get sick or die, because the President of the United States refuses to wear a face mask and to acknowledge the dangers of the virus itself? You tell me Trump Supporters!

November 3rd, 2020 is coming fast, and I am sure President Trump will hold more public rallies, and more of his supporters will show up. How many rallies will it take, where people wear no masks and do no social distancing and get sick from coronavirus, before people realize the chance they are taking, attending such an event? Add to this, the fact, Trump asked for coronavirus testing to be slowed down, when all scientific and medical experts say the exact opposite should happen!

Is anyone noticing a pattern here yet? Like what is Trump doing holding rallies in the middle of a pandemic? Simple folks, he is more interested in his own re-election than he is in the American People’s well being! It’s selfish, and a case of ignoring medical and scientific facts, and taking too many chances with people’s lives! It’s a sad state of affairs for America and it’s people!

Add to it, at the rally, Trump lies and stretches information and stories and what you have is a mess! Trump’s Tulsa rally littered with familiar false claims! This is a man in desperation mode, and he will do anything to get attention, even put his own supporters at risk to get coronavirus and to die. It’s a sad sight to see, from a President of the United States and the Leader of the country.

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