Sad state of affairs for sure!

Today the death total from The Coronavirus/ Covid 19 has passed 120,000 people in America.

Sadly. there seems be, no stopping covid-19 or, it’s spread in America because of the stubbornness of the American People to stick to medical and scientific guidelines. Sadly, the country is opening up as more than half the states are now rising in Coronavirus patients and cases. Hospitals are filling up again and people just continue to runaround mask-less and not listening to distancing guidelines. Now, why is it happening and do Americans not understand the virus is a killer?

People who are Trump supporters follow Trump’s lead, no mask and no social distancing, so what happens is the virus spreads. Trumps rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma had approximately what ten thousand people in the audience. Of those ten thousand, how many were a symptomatic or with the virus in the first place? How many who were not wearing masks or social distancing caught the virus and are now spreading it across the countryside? Sadly, we have an American President whose only care if himself not you or me. Out of ten thousand how many now have the virus and took it with them home or to their own areas and neighborhoods? We don’t know, do we?

I want people to look at the numbers or deaths and cases of the virus in America on the date of Trump’s rally. Now wait for ten to fourteen days and look at the numbers again, I bet you will see an increase of patients and deaths from the virus of a minimum of 10 percent of the ten thousand at the rally and more. The numbers will also multiply by 10 percent, at least because the virus is spreading for those at the rally who traveled since.

Now I want to say this to those Trump supporters who went to his rally and wore his red hats and waved his signs in a tight crowd. Will you be happy when your relatives or you die from the virus, will you listen then? The numbers keep climbing and Trump tells all; he told his people to slow down the testing for the virus, because the more testing you do, the more cases you find! Stupid, uncaring, ignorant and just plain dumb statement by Trump, period.

There should be more testing, more isolation and social distancing and more mask wearing, not less!

Is there not one person in The Trump Administration, with a set of balls big enough to tell Trump he is wrong, incompetent and pure stupid and killing people? I guess no one has the balls to say it to him, because they are afraid of him and intimidated by him. Sadly, I believe that is the case.

As we roll toward the election in November, how many Trump supporters will now get the virus and spread it to unknowing family and friends? How many more will have to die, for Trump, the Republican Party and its members and Trump supporters to listen and show they care?

120,000 Americans dead and ore to come and Trump and his supporters believe he is right no mask needed, no social distancing needed, just rallies to get him re-elected! Sad state of affairs for sure!

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