Why can’t modern Americans of all colors see this and realize we are one nation under god?

A brief discussion needs spoken to in America today. The Statues, being taken down across our country, are being removed and destroyed, because suddenly they are being looked at as decisive and discriminating. What are we forgetting here, Americans?

They built each statue to remember certain things in certain eras of America. Yes, I agree that any depiction of slavery should go. What I don’t agree with is taking all down, and destroying them, as you do, you destroy a connection to America’s accurate history and the facts. They depict history in distinct ways, in different eras. So, why destroy the links to what made us who we are?

America is a diverse country now, because of the facts in history. Yes, I know, white Americans had no right to bring Africans to America against their will and use them as slaves. We are talking about different times and people. Today Americans should be more intelligent and more realistic about all in the world and here at home. Ignorance ran rampant back then. People were less educated and fearful of differences and some are still today. Yet, America still has its problems with race and color and prejudice and discrimination, it’s a sad site to see.

I grew up in the projects of the city I lived in as a child. We live close together, Black, White, Hispanics and yes, even Orientals. As a child I had friends of all races, we were kids; we didn’t care about these differences because we all struggled to survive together. It worked, because they overlooked the color of our skins, or the way we talked or acted, kids care less.

As we grow up they teach us things they should never have. Parents have no right to stop their children from interacting with other races, colors or nationalities. It’s wrong, period! American history can not be changed by pulling down statues of famous individuals. So what should we do, instead?

How about facing facts here, if African Americans will pull down these statues and destroy them they should be ready for some revealing facts about their own? From George Washington Carver to Martin Luther King Jr and more, some sports heros and some political heros of African Americans had faults too. Do we go around pulling down statues dedicated to them? Answer that one, folks?

I cannot change History, it can be dealt, with yes. By changing our current actions and how we interact. There is no reason to destroy the past and no way to do so really, so why be so destructive? All of this is a show of anger only and the way African Americans, believe is right to do, to express their anger over all of it. Sadly, it can not be changed but we can only change what we do next.

All of us no matter of color, race, nationality, make up America we are a stewpot of a country mixed and thrown together. As a child, I was out in the backyard of my home in those projects one day, playing with a jar, a cover and bees. I was a kid capturing bees to look at them. Sometimes you’re fast enough to do it and sometimes you’re not. I was unlucky and missed and got stung by a bee. I was young in pain and hurt like hell, so I dropped the jar and cried. Suddenly a door opened up in front of me and this black woman came out to comfort me. She cuddled me and looked at the sting on my hand. Then she took the time to create a mud pack and put it on the sting and draw the stinger out. She comforted me and cared for me like one of her own and cared. Ladies and gentlemen, this was the 1960’s I am talking about here. She didn’t care if I was white or black; she cared a child was hurt, and she came to my rescue. The point being and I will say this again for the world to hear and I want all to understand; we are all human beings, we all hurt, we all cry, we all mourn, we all need to be more empathic, more caring and get along today. For the 1960’s when this happened, this woman was far ahead of many in her era. Why can’t all Americans take our cue from her. She didn’t care, except, she saw a child in pain and helped, period! Why can’t modern Americans of all colors see this and realize we are one nation under god?

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