Never forget, there are other ways of doing things, be open to fresh ideas.

Any business in the world, whether online or in the brick and concrete world, hires or accepts employees and customers based on what they can do for the customer and what the social climate is of those manning their business. The point is to find the right people to do what you want done with the customer base you are serving and to advance your business to a profit making one.

So how do you sift through, who to hire, who not to hire and make the right choices and avoid the ones that can be disastrous to your company or business?

First, keep in mind what you built the business for, what its primary purpose is and what you intend it to do. You need a clear, concise business plan. One with an explicit mission statement. Don’t get overly legal about it, but don’t get too lax either. The harder you make it to understand, the worse your chances of it being understood by all the people in the business. Legal terms, unless you’re a lawyer or Judge, can bog down the purpose of your mission statement and all you are trying to accomplish. People don’t all fully get legal jargon folks, they feel oppressed by it and go what the hell is this. That’s the first thing to look at, simplify the rules and the mission, make it as direct as possible and as clear as can be.

Once you have an explicit mission statement that makes perfect sense, it is now time to set up business, so to say. Get the required equipment to do the job. Sometimes it is physical equipment, in other cases it is personnel needed to accomplish said mission. It is now a gathering time in your business, resources are everything, without the correct ones, you will fail eventually, so it must be a constant process of updating to match the day and time your working in the period. Out of date personnel, or equipment, will bog you down, slow the mission and lose you, money and time and any progress.

One of the biggest factors in business is the people you have representing your organization to the public. It should fill the face of your organization with those that most represent what you are trying to accomplish, with a cheerful disposition and demeanor. Yes, they must know what they are doing and where to go for questions or answers needed to get the job done. Books, written rules are always tending toward interpretation and meaning. So, when your writing company Rules, Policies, Creeds, Traditions, make sure they are clear about the requirements you expect matched to get to the ending you desire.

The biggest problem companies face is finding people who know what they are doing, are not out of date on what they are doing, and can be flexible and adjust to ongoing changes. If you want all college-educated employees, then remember you will get an all dry, educated front too, all who come into the place of business will see that. If you want people orientated people, who have hospitality and a friendly outlook and inviting personality then you may go in the right direction. People like smiling faces, they like people open to fresh ideas, they like people who can adjust on the fly, and most of all, people who can learn as they go.

Do your company a favor, don’t claim credit for what already existed ok. Yes use it, and make it work for you, but don’t go telling anyone, we established it or created it if you didn’t. It gives a false statement a front seat on your business and presents to the public a false narrative period. People will see through it fast and veer away.

There is a problem with many companies or businesses, when they go well we have done this forever and it always works. While it becomes the standard of operation, it may not keep up with the day, the age, the environment or climate of the current era of your business. Be open to making changes as necessary folks, or your business falls behind the times, and loses out. Then what you have done is idled, and let things sit too long and any interest in your way of doing business disappears and eventually so will your business.

To find the personnel for your business, you need, you need to look at experience, but you also need to look at their willingness to adapt, to change, and learn as they go. DO they think on their feet, will they go looking for the right answers if needed? Will they be able to help others and is helping others, one trait they have? If not well, what are they there for, just themselves?

Communication is an enormous factor also, companies should hire people not only with the ability to speak, but ones who have learned the ability to listen. Listening is a primary item few people do, do to lack of patience, or a non-caring attitude. Look for empathy and passion, not just one or the other, but both. Listening is more vital in relationships and in everyday life as you go along, and belongs on the front line of any operation or business. Without it, you lose customers and the direction of your business or company. To be successful, stick to the Mission yes, but how you achieve the mission has to be adaptable to the period you’re running it in and you have to change and adapt as you go. Never forget, there are other ways of doing things, be open to fresh ideas.

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