Trump, must go!

Happy 4th of July America!!

For 244 years, America worked for economies worldwide, health organizations, science, the betterment of mankind, and so much more. We grew from 13 colonies to a nation of 50 states. We led at one point or another in every category, possible to mankind, but today what we lead in is sadder than ever before. We lead the world today in cases of Coronavirus/ Covid-19, we also lead today in deaths from all of it too.

I love America; I do, I was born here, raised here and educated and served this country I love. I did Sixteen years of service for my country, in three distinct branches of service. I started in the U.S. Army and only lasted a few months there, because of problems. Yet, I received an Honorable Discharge and moved on. I served in the Connecticut National Guard, and then on to the U.S. Navy. I was given an MOS of Tank Retriever Driver in The Army, then Machine Gunner Scout in the Army National Guard and finally in the Navy I was a Boiler Technician. In each position and branch of service I served Honorably, receiving five Honorable Discharges. That’s how much I love America, so all know.

I was injured in the U.S. Navy; I fell down a metal ladder because of a lube oil spill, and injured my spine, ending up with six herniated discs. I fought the Navy to stay, and that battle took me seven years before I lost it. Yet, I have no regrets for serving my country as a Military Member. I did it because I believe in America; I did it to keep my family and friends safe at home.

Now Today is the Fourth Of July 2020. We live in a different America; it is now one filled with anger, racial tensions, and led by a President who lacks leadership skills, and any empathy or care for anyone else but himself. Sadly, America has dropped from its number one rating in many categories and positions down quickly under the current President. Other world leader laugh at Trump when they see him coming. Trump has killed not only our relationships with other countries, but also our relationships with the science and medical fields of the world. They laugh him at world-wide and America is paying a price for it each day, he is President. America has had 45 President right as of this moment, and not one before Trump had ever destroyed America’s place in the world like him.

He has failed at everything he has done as President, with one exception, he changed the Supreme Court to a Conservative one. He didn’t do that alone, that was the Leader of The Senate, Mitch McConnell behind it all, driving it. He failed to build his wall and stole military funds to build it. The Economy is a wreck, we are in a recession; we are in a pandemic he did nothing to prevent, and he continues to refuse to wear masks or encourage social distancing, so we now have over fifty thousand fresh cases of coronavirus per day in America. He keeps holding rallies and public events, and the virus rages on and spreads ten times faster because of him.

President Trump held a wide open, non-social distancing rally and Holiday Event in South Dakota yesterday. Under the Mount Rushmore, Monument of the greatest United States Presidents ever. These men he stood under gave their lives to America, dedicated themselves to building, creating and promoting and improving the greatest nation in the word and the best democracy ever. I can imagine them looking down from above and shaking their heads in anger and frustration at all Trump has done to America. Trump is lucky for Washington himself, would have had Trump forcibly removed from office, in my opinion, never mind the others on the Mount. Sadly, we suffer because fancy words blinded too many, and lies coming from a failed businessman and ex. TV Host for a game. Words can brainwash and gather and create converts. They create clans also, like the Klu Klux Clan and others. People get incited by words and rhetoric that is false. Proof of this can be found, in world history easily, Hitler, James Jones, and others, who led people to destruction and death. As America moves forward this Fourth of July, we need to think back on the sacrifices or the forefathers of America and why we are here even as a nation and how we became one.

Americans, we can celebrate the 244 years of American History now, because of those Americans who gave all in commitment, dedication and service to our nation and the democracy we love so well and the Republic. Come November 3rd, 2020 the next election of an American President, all Americans, should Vote Trump out, remove his stain and lets go forward, with a new leader, one who has empathy, kill, leadership, and desire to save American and world lives. Not one who cares for no one but himself.

The longer Trump is in office, the worse America will get and more will die. He has no answers for the virus or how to fight it and has no leadership in how to do so. Trump, must go!

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