Stop the Racial Hate, Please!

Sunday. 7/5/2020 — As the fourth of July Weekend passes here in the United states and all celebrate the Independence of the country we live in, so many things are changing, it is hard to see if America can survive. I remind all. They developed America, and put it together on the backs and energy of the American Indian and the African Americans, not the white race. America was built and stolen first from the American Indians.

The American Indian had developed farming and hunted and lived here for centuries before any white man wandered onto the land we now rest on. We are told of the pilgrims and Columbus and such stories of who founded America and got here first; they are stories, folks.

The first people to hit the North American Continent were Vikings, and no one knows for sure if the American Indian was here then or not, because we have no record of any interaction between the Indians and Vikings. The Vikings left and the American Indian was here alone for a long time. Growing corn, fishing rivers and streams and oceans and hunting wild animals for food. As the story goes, it was the American Indians who welcomed the Pilgrims when they arrived. As to Columbus, his discovery of America was far after the Indians were here and is shown, as the founding it wasn’t and he didn’t even reach mainland America.

The American Indian owned this land, and they lived on it peacefully. The White man came by boat, escaping from oppressors in Europe such as England. The Indians welcomed these people and taught them to hunt and farm the land, and how to live here. We owe the American Indians.

This said and noted in history is vital. Next we come to the African American population. America’s farming and cultural development comes into play from them. Without the African American Population, we would be short on inventions, we would be short on music, we would be short on harvesting crops and so much more. The harvesting of the cotton crops, for instance, Americans who were white wanted the money from the cotton, but did not want to do the work.

The White man had no right to take Africans from their native land and beat them into submission and make them work for him. They suffered loss of home, loss of culture, loss of families and friends and a loss of a way of life they loved. Shipped to American soil against their will, we sold them as property to cotton farmers in in the country’s south to do the hard, sweaty work American Whites did not wish to do. Then when they wanted freedom like we did from England, we suppressed them, beat them and used them to build our nation and ultimately the Confederacy. Yes Lincoln freed the slaves, but America really didn’t. We kept the African American in a state of poverty and gave them little chance to advance and educate and better themselves. Yes, the White man was wrong, and we screwed up trying to build a country all could have for freedom and liberties we have today. The African American population in America deserves to be fully equal in all ways. They earned it, folks.

Americans, all colors, creeds, nationalities are a blend of one now. We can’t afford separations, because of prejudice, discrimination or racism. That’s pure crap and all should know that by now, we are in the 21sit century. If you don’t know that, then you are living in make believe, fairy take world, or some stupid dream.

When I was a child of five years old, I was a blonde-haired little white boy playing in the backyard in the projects. I was doing what so many kids did in those days, running around chasing bees with a jar, trying to capture them to look at. Now, I went to catch one and missed the bee, and in anger it stung me and I started crying in pain. As I stood there in tears crying loudly, a door open on an apartment next to me. A black woman came rushing out to check on me. She comforted me; she hugged me. She looked at my hand that was stung and then she immediately put together a mud pack and slapped it on the stung location. She held me and the hand and got me to calm down, and then wiped the mud pack off my hand, and there was the stinger, she showed me it. Now she cared enough to come help a little white boy, stung by a bee and that to me showed me, we are all equal, we all care, we all empathize, we all are human, we all bleed and we all cry. It also showed me she was not prejudiced or discriminating, or worried about my color, she was concerned about me as a person, a human being. Interesting right, the year I was five years old, 1961, folks. Does that tell you something? It should, for blacks still could not do many things, and still oppressed, but she cared enough and was not worried about skin color at all.

I love America, because it is a melting pot of nationalities and colors. If I didn’t, why would I have served this country for sixteen years and have 5 Honorable discharges from three branches. I served with whites, blacks, orientals and every damn race or nationality there is. We defended the country together; we didn’t worry who was white, black, brown, yellow, or any other color. The United States Military says do it, you do it, and they don’t care what color you be. They promote those who work for it and prove they can do it. Stop the racial hate, stop the bullshit people, we all bled one color red, we all fight to survive and get ahead and we all should be treated, one hundred percent equal. Period.

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