Is this what you want for An American President?

The last Generation born in the 1950’s, mid to the end, is now rolling into their mid sixties. A generation taught to respect morals, ethics, and manners and their seniors. Somewhere in the 1960’s things changed, And America went from a, we society, to a, me society. People stopped caring about their fellow mankind and worried more about themselves, just look around as people today in 2020, grab and go I am getting mine, I got mine. What happened to the old ways, when you were sent, to church on Sunday, taught religion and the bible, taught to behave in school and learned what they teach you, without causing problems? What happened to disciplining your child properly, not abusively, but properly and making them learn right from wrong?

My step-father, was an Albanian Born American, his ancestors came from Albania. He took on the job of raising two boys who were not his and then later 3 more children he had with my mother for a total of five of us. I admire the fact he did so and made it work for so many years, they married in 1959 on New Year’s Eve, and they didn’t divorce until mid 1980s’ Now, many will say the divorce they had was needed, others will say it wasn’t. Though they never separated, always together till he died of cancer in October 1990 and then she followed him in October 1991, one year and one day later. So if you count the years they spent together, loving, yelling ,screaming, fighting, raising children and keeping a home for all what do you get for a total? 31 years together, 5 raised children, amid a love hate relationship that was crazy, but, lasting. When my Step-father died in October 1990, I watched as my mother threw herself over his coffin, wailing at him, “Why Didn’t you take me with you?” She knew she was dying already in June 1990, and she swore each of us, to never tell dad.

Different morals, different ethics, and values existed then. We as children were, disciplined, taught to listen to our parents, respect others no matter color, race, nationality, or any other differences. Today, we have racial fights on the streets, protests, a virus gone mad and a country toppling from it place as the number one country in the world and the leader, toward being a third world country, why? Lack of discipline, lack of ethics, lack of morals and lack of caring and attention to details, exists in America sadly. Where and when did we lose the discipline to correct our children, to teach them right from wrong, to take the time to do things right, instead of just the easy fast way, the get it done way, or the ok do as your please way? What happened folks?

This Me, Me, Me society we now live in is killing America, it’s is producing lazy people, it is producing terrible and failing leaders and it is slowly but surely dissolving America, and dropping us into ruin. I remind all, to stop and think of past so-called great societies, like The Romans, The Mayans and others. They rose and flourished and then got selfish and too big for their own good and then tumbled into non-existence, as Nero played! Is this where America is headed? Are we so full of ourselves and do we think we are so great a society and people that we can fiddle while America burns to ashes around us? It is looking that way folks!

Today is July 6th, 2020, we now lead the world in Coronavirus Deaths and cases. Why? Simply, put, because we make terrible choices. we follow poor leaders; we set poor examples and now we must pay for those mistakes, in bodies. As of today, we have surpassed One hundred and thirty thousand deaths from this virus. We still have people running around not wearing masks, not social distancing, and spreading the virus like wild fire!

I ask America, how many more Americans must die before we stick our pride away and listen to medical and scientific facts and fight back? How far are we going to let our current President lead us into the deaths of more Americans, because he refuses to set an example and lies to all? What kind of American President is Trump to do this to the American People?

Well, he has low morals, a total lack of ethics, or empathy or any kind of caring, that’s who he is? The only time Trump will react, is if it hits his own family or himself, it’s the me, me, me society, he represents and is! Sadly Americans are now dying because he will not listen, stand up and do what is right! Is this what you want for An American President?

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