Vote Trump Out!

July 8, 2020- Americans face a pandemic that is not only killing us, but the world and the economy too. Cases of coronavirus rise daily as more people become infected with it. It is spreading in droplets in the air, by touch, and the American people seem not to want to listen to guidelines being put out by medical and scientific professionals.

Some are choosing to listen to Donald Trump, the President, and ignore all warnings. Terrible choice, people!. The choices you are making to run around mask-less, and not stick to social distancing guild lines and suggestions to wash and sanitize, is killing people left and right. Why can’t people see this? I think some should notice it and wake up soon, because if you don’t it may head you for death. Death is something no one recovers from folks, this isn’t a zombie novel, or a make-believe story, this is reality hitting us all.

Yesterday, America’s recorded numbers for recent cases of coronavirus in the United States rose to over 60, 000 cases in a day. Over 60,000 Americans came down with coronavirus and our medical systems and hospitals are filled with recent cases. States are running out-of-hospital beds, respirators and medical personnel to care for these patients. The Medical Staff, doctors, nurses, nurse’s aids and technicians to run the diagnostic equipment are now coming down with the virus themselves. They are now becoming patients themselves, yes they are going from heros to patients some over night!.

Who will then be able to take care of all the patients out there, who will man the hospitals, emergency rooms and clinics? You tell me America?

That said, I remind all that President Trump had a chance to react to the virus before it hit us he failed to. He started denying it from day one and still does today, as death totals now climb into the one hundred and thirty-five thousand range. He denies any responsibility for it, and he refuses to acknowledge it or wear masks, so the public will follow his example. So, he is leading not only his Trump followers down the path to catching the virus, but young children, as well.

President Trump, wants to keep pushing to reopen the economy and now wants American Parents to send their children back to school in the fall, in August and September. So you’re going to send your children daily to school and a breeding ground for coronavirus each day, with zero protection, never mind the dangers to the teachers and administrators. How many teachers and students will then suffer the virus and possibly die?

Mary Trump, the President’s niece, in her book she wrote stated some facts that should hit home with Americans. 1) Donald Trump is a sociopath. 2) Donald Trump paid to have his SAT Test done by someone else to get into college. Interesting enough yet, folks? 3) Donald Trump is a pathological liar. 4) Donald Trump has no moral or ethical grounding, period. He does as he pleases to get what he wants.

All the above said. Donald Trump’s niece proves what he has shown since he got elected to the Presidency. He has no agenda for the country, he accomplishes absolutely nothing and his only care right now as he faces a November election date is ” How Do I Get a Second Term?” That is his only concern folks, if, he was worried, about the virus he would react to the damn virus, he doesn’t.

He hasn’t done a damn thing to earn a second term as President. He has failed at all he has attempted to do, period. There will always be Trump supporters out there, they are the die hard blind loyalist he has. They blindly follow him no matter what he does, and will like good little robots and loyal followers vote, for him come November 3rd, 2020. Sadly, you can’t change their minds, because they are like zombies in a terrible movie.

Well, President Trump will do anything he can to stay in Office in any way he can. We all know that now. Even some question when he loses the Election, if he will leave the White House, that should tell you something.

To harp further on Donald Trump’s failures, his incompetence, his lack of logic and common sense and his inability to lead or empathize with others is really a waste of time. To talk to Trump supporters and ask them about why they support him they don’t even know, sad, isn’t it?

I know his numbers in the polls are mighty low. He is dragging down republicans ticket wide across the country. His chance at re-election is low and almost not real and ugly. He knows it; The Republicans know it, the pollsters know it, yet he persists and will try to win a second term. He does not understand why he wants a second term or what his agenda for one would be, but he is running.

Anyway I think you get what I am saying here. In order to save America for our children and future generations, we must now admit, a Second Term for President Trump would be a disaster! We need to Vote Him Out, come November 3rd, 2020, in any way we can!. Americans want to survive and get ahead and live again, Vote Trump Out!

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