Don’t use this Story !

Story of O (French: Histoire d’OIPA: [istwaʁ do]) is an erotic novel published in 1954 by French author Anne Desclos under the pen name Pauline Réage, and published in French by Jean-Jacques Pauvert.

Desclos did not reveal herself as the author for forty years after the initial publication. Desclos claims she wrote the novel as a series of love letters to her lover Jean Paulhan,[1] who had admired the work of the Marquis de Sade. The novel shares with the latter themes such as love, dominance and submission.

Story of O is a tale of female submission involving a beautiful Parisian fashion photographer named O, who is taught, to be constantly available for oralvaginal, and anal intercourse, offering herself to any male who belongs to the same secret society as her lover. She is regularly stripped, blindfolded, chained, and whipped; her anus is widened by increasingly large plugs; her labium is pierced and her buttocks are branded.

Some early editions included several variations of an epilogue which note that O was later abandoned by Sir Stephen, though there is debate as to whether Desclos intended it to be included in the finished work; in one such version, O is so distraught by the threat of this abandonment that she insists she would rather die and asks for permission to commit suicide, which is granted.[2][3]

A critical view of the novel is that it is about, and derives its erotic power from, the ultimate objectification of a woman. The heroine of the novel has the shortest possible name, consisting solely of the letter O. Although this is in fact a shortening of the name Odile, it could also stand for “object” or “orifice”, an O being a symbolic representation of any “hole”. The novel was strongly criticized by many feminists, who felt it glorified the abuse of women.[4][5][6]

The Above is from WikiPedia and their write up of the Story of O Novel and Film. Now, please remember when you read any of it, it is a fictional story written by a woman, who wrote it to impress and keep her older lover. Her purpose was to keep his interest, because she loved him, yet he was a married man. So it is also a story of cheating, as well as of romance, BDSM and D/s in a vivid female imagination. As the author herself said in the last interview she had, it was just story, not real. The film dates unique versions also, at different time periods.

Many people read this Story of O novel and watch the movies. What was never intended and should never be done, is this story used as a basis for any operation or modern usage, in real or virtual life. The dangers of using such a Novel or film is highly apparent in and of itself from viewing or reading of said Novel. The acts performed in it should never be done to any woman. The Objectification of the female body and the pain inflicted, plus the emotional abuse it does to the female psyche, is unbelievable. The story tells how this woman is through the force of pain and beatings made to break down and then build herself back up in the hands of her holders. The ending itself, in the book, show two ways it could have went. One O is cast aside and goes on to a different master and life and lives. In the second she is cast aside, depressed, sad and lonely and requests permission to commit suicide, and is granted it by her former lover and does so.

Yet this Novel and Film is being used today in different ways in online sims, in Second Life, a Virtual World. Sadly, susceptible, vulnerable submissive women, who are lonely at home and can’t get what they want in actual life, get drawn into these sims. Then these sims try to recreate The Story of O Plot and use it as a basis for teaching The D/s/ Bdsm Lifestyle as an Educational Opportunity. This is in my opinion, abuse, and luring in and controlling innocent women for personal sex and Bdsm/ D/s acts on the Internet, a crime. Just because it is on the Internet and through a computer monitor, does not make it ethical, moral or correct behavior by these people doing so. A gullible, susceptible, submissive woman is easily persuaded and easily convinced to go along. Here is the danger as I see it. These women, submissive in nature and lifestyle, follow Dominant’s Orders and do as they are told. So they are sitting at home, looking at a computer monitor and mirroring what they are told to do, as their avatars do it. Then, when the so-called Master or Dominant tires of them or is done, with them, the woman can get ceremoniously dumped and pushed aside. That leaves them in the same shape as O in the story of O, and depressed and maybe suicidal. so when they commit suicide at home, who is responsible, you tell me?

Some of these sims, online, teach from this Story of O and discuss it, like a lesson in BDSM D/s. It’s dangerous, deadly, for the submissive women who are convinced to believe it. It was never intended asa teaching tool, nor as expert advice. It was written, as a romance novel, with BDSM tendencies added in to please the man the Author loved, period. Its Fictional folks !!! Not real.

The novel was strongly criticized by many feminists, who felt it glorified the abuse of women.

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