Vote Joe Biden, Remove Donald Trump, end this disaster of the last four years now!

Headlines across the world, scream, Coronavirus Spreading, Deaths climbing! Over 150,000 American have now died from the Coroavirus and it continues to infect and spread in the world’s population. A sthe numbers grow and the virus spreads, people still run the streets without face masks in many areas, they still conduct parties and group outings and spread the pandemic more. Why, don’t people listen, what is wrong, with people who think it is fine to run around without a mask and get into groups that are huge. Doctors, scientist, experts all say the same, wear a face mask, clean your hands and face and keep you hands out of your face, social distance from others, at least by 6 feet apart. So why can’t people do so?

Sadly, if the leadership doesn’t do it, the followers won’t either folks! I know it sounds crazy to say so, but you can’t deny the truth here! If our President is too vain or stupid and won’t go by the guidelines set up by The CDC and WHO and Doctors and Scientist, then the people watch him and go well he is fine not doing it, so I should be too. Wrong Folks! You don’t have tests two or three times a day with almost immediate results available to you. YOu don’t have Doctors standing by if you get sick, or private care like Trump has or insurance like he has either. So wake up!

One can only scream, rant and rave and ask people to wake up and realize the dangers of not wearing masks, cleaning their hands and face and bodies, sanitize! It’s Like the old saying folks, You Can Lead a Horse to Water, but you can’t make it drink. That’s a fact!

That said there is not much more to say regarding the Coronavirus! I recommend listening to the experts, scientists and doctors, not President Donald Trump.

Next let’s discuss the upcoming Presidential Election come November 3rd, 2020. We know who the candidates are in Donald Trump and Joe Biden already, conventions are just a formality.

So. I want someone to tell me, What has Donald Trump accomplished, completed and produced for the American People that is worth anything? I see nothing at all. The economy is in recession, the job market is dropping, the stock market is barely holding in there, you groceries are more expensive and the health insurance is disappearing period. He failed at building his wall, he stole money from the military to try to build his wall, that he originally said Mexico would for. He failed to stop Kim Jung UN and North Korea from becoming a nuclear power, Un laughs at him. Putin Laughs at Trump and does as he pleases too, in Russia.

Trump has removed us from so may organizations in the world we are isolated from the world community. So why would anyone want a President who shows no moral, ethical, or leadership abilities of any kind?

Last thing I want all to remember, what President Trump followers are are blind loyalists! I remind all Like Trump, Charles Manson, Jim Jones also, had blind followers. In each case what really happened, well we all know where Manson followers went, and we all know how many Jim Jones killed with his kool aid trick don’t we.

President Donald Trump has no right to ask American parents to send their children to school during the coronavirus pandemic, period. Who is he, to tell you to risk you children’s future and health, just so he can try to restart the american economy? I would rather keep my children home, if I was a parent of young children today. then to roll the dice and force them into a classroom that is a breeding ground for the coronavirus. Trump has no right to risk the health, welfare of our children just so he can get reelected, period.

As November 3rd gets closer each day, President Trump will keep trying to find a way to get elected and four more years as President. He only wants four more years as a legacy, because Obama had eight years. He has no reason to want re-elected, no plans for a second term and his support is falling quickly. I can only hope, he does not get reelected he has failed at everything he has attempted to do.

Joe Biden is the way to go folks, period. I know Biden is not perfect, no man is, but Biden has experience, wisdom, and the brains to know America needs help, America should be leading the world, and we need health care for all too. Biden wears face masks, he social distances, he listens to scientist and doctors and experts, he isn’t too vain to ask for help. Joe Biden makes sense for all of America!

Vote Joe Biden, Remove Donald Trump, end this disaster of the last four years now!

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