End Racism NOW!

RACISM, is real! It exists in America more than anywhere else in the world and is fueled by hate, fear and misunderstanding on both sides of the equation. It is perpetuated by men and women, who have fear of someone different, or not of the same race, or color in skin tones. It is pushed by people who fear for their safety because they have no understanding of the truths. The truth is as follows for those who are stupid enough to push racism on others.

It matters not what the pigmentation of your skin is, it does matter what the filters of your mind have been filled with over the time of your life. People teach people and they teach their children what to fear or not fear, it comes from the family base you are brought up in. If your parents were lillywhites and never talked to or associated with a person of color then that is how they raised you. If your parents were black, brown or yellow and they told you whites were evil and want to control the world and own all power, then that’s where it came from your parents. It is passed down from one generation to another, by word of mouth, by traditions and by fear.

I grew up in the 1960’s actually, I was born in 1956. I was raised in the projects in the North End Of Waterbury, Connecticut. My neighbors were working class whites, blacks, puerto ricans and yes orientals. As I grew up I noticed how they separated themselves due to color, and rejected the idea they were any different than I. At five I was taken care of by a black woman when I was stung by a bee. I went to Elementary School in a mixed raced district. I had childhood friends who were black, brown and oriental too. It didn’t stop us from playing tag, hide and seek, army, or sports together, either. Racism didn’t bother us as kids, why because we were still innocent enough to not get what we were being told and we were kids.

As I grew older I noticed signs of racism in how people treated one another. The avoided each other and kept to their own neighborhoods or areas. Colored people seem to gather in certain areas and whites in another and I would stop and go why, what the hell is the difference besides the color of our skin?

I understand cultural differences and religious differences also. I served in three branches of the United States Services for sixteen years or my life. I did the U.S. Army, The U.S. Army National Guard and The United States Navy. Color of skin meant nothing to us, we were all in the same boat, working for the same reasons, to keep America safe, protected, and to defend what we believed in freedom and our rights and the rights of those we loved back home. We gave our sweat, and blood, our bodies and our time and minds to a common cause, America. Color never mattered to us.

Some of the best Officers both men and women I met and served with in the Armed Forces were Black, Puerto Rican or Orientals. They led, they fought beside and with us in all circumstances and us with them. So, do me a favor folks, don’t give me the racism shit ok, because I will tell you what I tell all, we are all humans, we all breathe, we all laugh, cry, eat, drink, bleed red, and we all sit to shit, and we all urinate too. We all take showers, we all shampoo our hair and brush our teeth and we all have to work for a living to survive. So tell me, besides religious beliefs, or cultural heritage, what’s so different about being human beings?

I tire of racial slurs being thrown around like common bullshit phrases for no reason, other then, I am scared, or I fear these people or those people. A white man can be as dangerous as a colored man, and a colored person can be as peaceful as a white man, it all depends on how we were raised, what we were taught and what we decide as human beings as we grow older. We decide if racism keeps existing, or is destroyed and removed as a stain on humanity. No one else is governing us to tell us one skin color is better than the other or not, our families do that shit and it’s just plain wrong. Americans and the world as a whole must learn in the end, we are responsible for our own decisions, our own actions, and reactions, no one else but each of us as individuals, period.

Racism is not a disease folks, it’s a social problem, why? Because we have been dumb enough to separate and divide ourselves on the basis of our skin color. The more we do that, the worse it will get for our children period. To solve it, we must remember, we are One Nation Under God Indivisible with Liberty and Justice for All.

And when we say all, we mean all, no one is better than anyone else, because of skin color, race, nationality, we are all one. America is a diverse population, we took in and take in all who search for a place for freedoms of religion, the right to live in peace and the right to be who we wish to be. So, I say this to the racists, and bigots out there, stop your bullshit, stop being scared, stop the fear and hate, it has no place in America or in the world.

End Racism NOW!

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