He is the worst President in American History Period!.

As The United States closes in on 158,000 deaths from Covid-19, President Trump does nothing and tells people it will pass, and he then tries to change the Presidential Election to a later date. Did anyone tell Trump he can’t control when the Presidential Election or Elections are held in America or each state? Did anyone tell Trump he is full of shit on many issues, including building his wall on the Mexican Border, he failed, he stole the money from the military budget to try to do it. He got 600 miles built and a lot of painting is all.

President Trump fails to ramp up manufacturing to produce respirators and face masks to fight the coronavirus, he has the power to do so and has failed to do so. He let Americans in dire need of unemployment checks that were bonuses, run out of them also. Sadly, many American families will have to tighten their belts and hang on without any help at all.

President Trump tried to kill ObamaCare also, He succeeded to a point of course, but the courts said no to his bullshit. But that doesn’t stop millions of people from not having any health care coverage today if they get seriously sick. They are without coverage. Does he care, obviously not. Sad.

He failed in North Korea with Kim Jung Un, North Korea still has nukes and they are still building them. He madea mad dash for North Korea and failed. He did give Kim Jung Un a seat at the world table though by going there, which is just what Kim Jung Un wanted.

The economy is beyond recession levels now and stinking lower everyday, sadly, you can’t have an economy of you have a deadly virus you won’t fight going on that is currently responsible for over 157,000 deaths. Your the President of The United States of America and you won’t wear a mask to show Americans how to be safe or social distance too. What’s wrong with this picture folks? Be serious here now, is this vain, narcissistic, lying, conspiracy theorist, who has no empathy, caring kindness for anyone, really supposed to lead America, he can’t even lead himself.

Where in American History have you ever heard a President of The United States publicly proclaim, nobody likes him? Sounds like a five year old in first grade, complaining to his mommy, ” Mommy they don’t like me in school, they are picking on me!”

Grow up, your the President act like a mature adult and the leader of the free world!. This isn’t the Trump Family you grew up in Donald, where you can cry and they gave you everything, this is the United States of America, you were elected to do a job, do it, or resign!.

I tire of all these people who are loyal followers of President Trump proclaiming, we have to defend him. Defend him from what his own record of failures? Be realistic here, the man has nothing he has accomplished as President of The United States, since he entered office. He lied about the size of his own Inauguration Crowd at his swearing in, and has been lying everyday since, two dozen lies per day.

Come November 3rd. 2020, I pray Americans will wake up, and Donald J. Trump, will be removed from office by a legal voting process. He is a danger to America, a danger to the world and the laughing stock of the world period. He is the worst President in American History Period!.

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