Trump’s Presidency is a complete and utter failure!

As time moves forward in 2020, it is becoming highly unlikely that Donald J. Trump will be re-elected President. First off his term as President has been one failure after another, left and right. He lies on the average of twenty four times a day to the american people. Sadly, this is an American President who wanted Americans to swallow disinfectants, to kill the Covid-19 virus, doesn’t he know it’s all poisonous to the human body?

Trump’s whole Presidency has been one lie after another period, starting with his saying his Inaugural Crowd was the biggest in history and bigger than Obama’s. He is gonna build a wall, between America and Mexico and The Mexicans will pay for it Lie. the Mexicans told him no way, so he tried to steal funding from the military to do it, failure. Then he built 600 mile sof wall hung a sign and did some painting of the fence and put up a plague, built by President Donald J. Trump. What a phoney!

He took apart Obama Care for no reason other than the fact it was named Obamacare, sad. He left millions up opon millions without any healthcare coverage period in America. He said he would put out a new healthcare package of his own, nope.

He worked overtime to make the Supreme Court, conservative, yet recently, the court has ruled not once now, but at least three times against Trump, in three different areas. So no big accomplishment in this one for Trump.

He claimed he built the best economy for America, he failed here too the economy belonged to Obama, Trump has managed to kill it too. Now we are in a recession, people homeless, sick from covid-19, no jobs to be had and people hungry and begging to survive. He still keeps talking like he is bringing jobs in, he isn’t he lies.

I have been down the argument road with Trump backers many times, they say he has done more for the American People than many in a long time. He hasn’t done a damn thing really, he has taken over a year off just to go play golf! Be real folks!

He changed the tax codes yes, but did it benefit you or I, no. He changed it for the rich and famous his cronies, so they can save money and not pay their fair share of taxes is all.

Trump failed in Foreign Affairs big time too. He failed to stop Russian, Chinese and others interference in our elections. They laugh at him! He failed in North Korea, talking to KIm Jung Un, he didn’t stop North Korea from having nukes, they have them. He did give Kim Jung Un a seat at the world table though by going there. Now the world must deal with a new nuke player, who is dangerous.

He Failed in handling or preparing for Covid-19, Coronavirus also big time. He was warned it was coming in January, he ignored it. He claimed it would be gone by Easter, another lie. We are now either over 165,000 dead from covid-19 or close to it and climbing, he still has no answers and tells us daily covid-19 is going to die out on it’s own. More lies. Over a thousand americans are dying each day, while other nations have decreased their death numbers from it.

He signs Executive Orders that have no power whatsoever, why simply put, he does not control the finances of America folks, Congress does. A simple check of the Executive Orders he signed will show that once they get sent to the courts, the courts will block them and destroy them. They are worthless paper and orders period.

Look, common sense, and logic should tell anyone with a brain, the Trump Presidency is a complete failure, just look around and ask yourself, where do I get a job when I need one, how do I feed my family, how do I keep a roof over our heads. People are living on the streets and in food banks and lines to get food to eat who never were before. That should tell you something America!

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