Never vote for Trump to get a second term.

A brief, recent look at some lies told by President Donald J. Trump The Forty Fifth President of the United States. This is something Americans needs to see for themselves, and understand the man in the White House is nothing more than a Con artist really. A Tv show host, who was given his fortune by his father asa child. He didn’t build anything, his father did.

Lets start at the day he was Inaugurated, He stood before the American People and claimed his Inauguration crowd was bigger than, Barack Obama’s. It was to be the first of many lies he would tell the American people in his term as President, but far from the last.

He lied during his campaign for president too. He was going to bring jobs back from overseas, he failed. He was going to build a wall between Mexico and America and make Mexico pay for it lie. Then he went out and tried to kill OBamacare outright and failed, and swore he would install a new health insurance program all his own, another lie, none was ever produced. These were just the start of President Trump’s lying while President of the United States of America.

He lies on the average of twenty four lies per day to the American People, in speeches he gives almost everyday.

His latest lies have concerned the economy, it is not recovering, do you know what a recession is folks, your in one and one step from a full outright depression. Trump wants americans to believe if they send their children back to school it will help the economy, it won’t folks.

The Pandemic, which is the coronavirus spreading like wildfire in America, breeds in tight closed spaces and it gets spread fastest in those conditions. So, when you send your children back to school either this month or in September of 2020, you are sending them in to a virus breeding zone and taking a risk they can survive coronavirus if they get it. Let me also state there is now a ninety percent growth rate in infection of coronavirus among the children in American, who are school age. I know if i faced these numbers as a parent and it was my children they would never get anywhere near a damn school currently! Why would I as a parent who loves my children, put them at risk to get a virus like Covid-19, and maybe die from it? Why, because Donald Trump said to do so, I think not, and it won’t improve the economy either, be honest and truthful with yourselves folks. DO you wish to roll the dice and take chances, you children will not get Covid-19, or that they will be able to survive it if they get it? I sure as hell wouldn’t!

Trump has tried to take credit for many things he had nothing to do with too. Sadly, some go, well Trump is the best for the country right now, sorry Trumpers I don’t buy it at all.

Trump has the worst record in Presidential History, he is selfish, has no morals or ethics, and is erratic, a narcissist, greedy and the only things he has accomplished as a President are, to change the tax codes to benefit himself and his cronies, and to make the Supreme Court Conservative. Period folks, there is no other accomplishments he can claim. Now, a point to be made here also, as proven and shown by Supreme Court decisions recently, they decided against him in more than one area and case he brought before them. Funny huh, his own Judges he appointed said he has to give up his tax returns, for all to see. And more!

Trump suffers from impulsivity in terms of unbridled and extreme present hedonism. His pathological narcissism mixed with politics are a lethal and destructive mix, period. Donald J. Trump is also a pathological liar, which accounts for the 24 lies he tells per day. He can’t help himself.

So let me say this folks, come November third, 2020, he must be removed from office, for he is right now the most dangerous man, in America’s history and in the world. Vote for the Democrat, for an Independent I don’t care, but never vote for Trump to get a second term. Donald J. Trump cares not about you, your children or the country, he cares about himself is all. Ask the people of South Dakota about it, it Governor will tell you Trump wants to be a part of Mount Rushmore! Donald J. Trump, couldn’t kiss a pimple on any of the Presidents asses, depicted on Mount Rushmore, he is the worst President in America’s history!

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