I see the solution for the Trump Presidency and the country also, Trump Must Go!

Over 166 coronavirus, Covid-19 deaths in the United States and climbing on average of 1.000 per day! Yet, President Donald Trump wants you to send you children to school, which is basically a breeding ground for said virus, so they will get it, and either become sick or die! Recent results show over a 90 percent increase in coronavirus cases among children in America, doesn’t that tell you something? It should tell you the President doesn’t care, he is willing to sacrifice your children to get the economy going again and win reelection is all. Sadly, this shows President Donald J. Trump as having no moral or ethic or empathy for anyone but himself. he fails at all he touches and now he wants to risk the lives of America’s children so he can win reelection and gain four more years in the White House. it’s sad, to see.

He has no vaccine, now reasonable program to control or conquer said cornonavirus, and when asked lies about all of it and disbelieves the scientist and Medical Experts. He has no medical or scientific degree and the man has no moral fiber, no ethics and no care about you or me. Sadly, it is all about one thing can Trump be re-elected!

We now have a Democratic Ticket of Biden and Harris. Both support scientific and medical experts in the battle of Covid-19. Bot have shown moral and ethical behaviors and caring for you and me. They want to rebuild the economy and health care for all and jobs too. They know Trump has screwed up everything he has touched and torn down all his predecessor accomplished period, for what reason just spite. You want to know why Trump hates Barack Obama so much it’s easy to see, he is a racist number 1, number 2- Obama madea laughing stock out of Obama at a speech he gave during his term right before Trump declared he would run for President. You can see Trump’s reaction in the shot when it was shown on Television on CNN. They need to find it and replay it for the world to see, as to how angry Trump got with Obama that day. It shows Trump’s adolescent reaction and the anger on his face, it’s a sad sight to see.

Trump has a illness in my mind and belief, he is a narcissist, a liar, and unstable. He fails at all he touches and he destroys all he can. His promises from his 2016 run are all lies and he failed. The man started his administration and term as President with a lie, he had a bigger Inauguration Crowd then Obama had, big lie for all to see. He hasn’t stopped lying since.

He failed at building his wall between Mexico and America, first the Mexicans told him where to go when he told them they would pay for it. secondly he only built 600 mile sof it and painted it and repaired what he could, then ran down and put up a sign Built By President Donald J. Trump. Are you kidding me really?

He failed in North Korea and with Kim Jung un also. He gave Kim Jung Un a seat at the world power table by going to North Korea period, He got no agreement at all from North Korea and looked like an asshole for going there. Sadly, now the world has no choice but to deal with North Korea.

He failed at stopping Russian interference in American Elections and is Putin’s puppet just as Hillary Clinton said he is. she was right, he knew she was right and his actions since prove it.

Now President Trump is working overtime to destroy the United States Postal Service, so mail in voting won’t be correct, so he can scream the Democrats are cheating. Fix the Postal Service folks, don’t let Trump kill it, your Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid either. Don’t let him destroy whats left of ObamaCare either, too many families are suffering without any insurance coverage today.

President Trump immediately attacked Vice Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris, in all ways he can, jumping all over the place and making unfounded statements about her. He is scared now folks, he knows The Biden/ Harris Ticket is going to kick his ass out of the White House, making him a one term President and showing him for the failure he really is.

President Trump can’t create a healthcare plan or program because he has no knowledge or ability to do so. He can’t correct the economy either, because in order to restart it you have to stop Covid-19 and he is unable to do so. So what does he do, he tells Governors to reopen their states for business, they do it and the spread of the virus and cases rise 200 fold. Sadly, they had to shut it all back down again and the recession came in.

He can’t see the way to solve the crisis in america is easy, get the vaccine, order all to wear masks and social distance, and then once the virus is under control slowly reopen the country one step at a time. The answer is not to tell America to send its children back to school, the schools area perfect breeding ground for the virus and it will kill our children. Keep you children home parents if you love them, prevent them from becoming dealy ill and sick and maybe dying!

I see the solution for the Trump Presidency and the country also, Trump Must Go!

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