Life is too short for trying to be what you are not.

As we age and grow older and mature, we learn more about ourselves and others around us. We begin to get a feeling for where we belong and the people we surround ourselves with, We feel who we are comfortable with, who we believe in and who we can trust and those are the ones we tend to stay with, They end up our family and friends who count the most.

What changes these relationships is how people branch out, explore or investigate other areas of life, we don’t believe in or like, so we tend to drop those friends or family and move along either with others, or by ourselves. Sometimes individuality, determines we are strong enough alone to do as we wish in life.

The same can be said in Virtual Worlds such as Second LIfe also which covers a wide range of lifestyles and more. So in the end you grow up, you mature and you realize you don’t belong in certain company and are not like minded with many people who think they are into things you are not into.

Self Preservation kicks in and you go what they hell am I here for and why stay. I know it does for me, so I leave by saying and voicing what I do not believe in, knowing full well those in that crowd, who do believe in it all and how they will react from what I say. They cry, they complain and they object, loud enough to the people who run the joints, or clubs or sims in Second LIfe and you wake up one day and your banned or kicked and not allowed back. It’s not a biggie really and some prefer to think it is, but the world is a wide place with many other places to visit even in Second Life.

So a little advice for some out there who feel uncomfortable, or uneasy, in certain situations or events or among certain people. Don’t stay, leave and when they ask why don’t say a word, let them figure it out themselves. You don’t owe them an explanation, just let them guess and talk their bullshit all they want.

We all can not be writers, we all can not be politicians, we all can not be teachers or lawyers or doctors either. we all can’t fit into molds others have for us and we don’t need to be. Let it be and let them dream their dreams, play their games, do their role playing and lifestyles, you don’t have to participate in anything you don’t believe in, period. We all have our own purposes, wants, needs, desires, feelings and more to concern ourselves with. You can’t always bend or change to fit in, it doesn’t work. Real Life is the priority folks!

So, just a little advice is all I offer. Be you, be yourself, do what you do best, be happy at it and content and live your life your own way, for in the end, forcing yourself to fit into someone else’s mold or ways will only bring pain, hurt and anger. Stop, look, listen to your own soul and heart, be you and just do you. Life is too short for trying to be what you are not.

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