Vote Donald J. Trump Out, Vote Biden/ Harris now!

Do you know when you can tell a President is in desperation mode?

Just watch Donald J. Trump, he panics on the Covid-19 responses and has no answers. He lies to the American People on the average of 24 times a day. He tries to control the election coming up, by messing with the Postal Service in America. His appointed people step down and quit as leaders of the CDC, because his Administration says they are not loyal enough.

Trump has no answers folks, he denies scientific and medical experts on Covid-19. He scrambles to attack the Vice Presidential running mate of his Opponent Joe Biden. He creates birther lies about Kamala Harris, for no reason other then to try to tear her down. Senator Kamala Harris was born in California folks, her birth certificate will show that and she knows she doesn’t need to defend that fact. he failed to build and complete the wall between America and Mexico and yet he tried to steal the funds from the U.S. Military to do so. Sad.

Trump is racist, he is a narcissist, he lies all the time to me or you. He failed in North Korea, Kim Jung Un laughs at him. The European leaders like Macron, Merkle and others laugh at him constantly. He is a joke on the national stage. Why invent the voter fraud issue in the upcoming election, and then kill the postal service by not funding it, desperation folks, he knows if the ballots can’t be delivered he is holding up the election results. Voting will be suppressed this way folks and that has never happened in American History. So why try to do so, simple he is desperate, he knows he can’t win reelection, he should just forget the election and resign at the end of his term.

He failed to bring back jobs as he promised from overseas, He failed to control and maintain the economy and it was the only thing he could lay claim to at one time. Sadly, thats gone now too, for no one can work, in the Covid-19 Crisis except medical personnel. Restaurants closing, bars down, brick and mortar stores too. Then you add in his trying to send the children back to school, while a pandemic rages, and you have to ask, what is wrong with this man? He doesn’t care if you risk your children’s lives, he just wants re-elected but what for?

In case you missed it, someone asked Trump what he wanted re-elected for, what was his plan for his next four years? He has no answer folks, no idea what to do next, he is lost.

Have you taken a good look at Trump lately, overweight, out of shape, heart problems, he fumbles answers, and he acts like a fool. There is something seriously wrong with this President.

Why did Trump appoint this Postal General? He donated big time to Trump’s 2016 campaign, the man is removing public mailboxes and shutting down post offices and destroying machines they need to help do the counting of Votes and processing of them, 90 days before the election. Why? Simple it’s what Trump put him there to do, he should be removed from the Postal General position immediately.

Let me finish in this manner folks, President Donald Trump wanted on Mount RushMore, He couldn’t kiss a pimple of any of the Presidents asses who are up there. He wanted a Noble Peace Prize, he never did a damn thing to earn one. This is the worst United States President in the United State’s History folks. He has zero accomplishments, and no idea of what to do next, he is lost.

As America’s number of dead from the Coronavirus rises, he refuses to allow the Medical and Scientific leaders to lead the fight and tell American’s how to stay alive. He is a lost cause and a total loser folks. He should have stayed in his Trump Towers in NYC, stayed on the Apprentice Program hosting it and yelling your fired at contestants. It’s all he is good for.

President Donald J. Trump is a desperate man, who, he himself said, ” No one Likes me!” Guess what Donald Trump your right, you can’t like someone who has no morals, no ethics, no caring, for the people he is supposed to be leading. Donald J. Trump needs to go home! Vote Donald J. Trump Out, Vote Biden/ Harris now!

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