Stop Trump now, Vote Biden/ Harris for decency, for honesty, for truth and safety!

I served my country, the United States of America for 16 years, and got injured on duty, suffered 6 herniated discs in my spine in a fall aboard a navy ship. I suffer from PTSD from military life and childhood, and i have to listen to reports of a draft dodging, lying President, who has 2 letters of 4f for bones spurs to my 5 Honorable Discharges call, servicemembers who went to war or died in battle or were injured in service losers and fools! No !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me tell you something Donald J. Trump, you a worthless, man, with no morals, ethics or skills or any guts or you would have served yourself! To say these statements you said as President of The uNited states tells me you area worthless human being and an outright shame to our country. If the American people get it you should too, if not for John McCain and other slike myself and many others, you would probably be living under communist rules or Nazism!. I have never in my life seen a worse or more incompetent President, and i am 64 going on 65 in January of 2021.

I hope on November 3rd, 2020 you lose re-election by a landslide in the popular vote and the electoral college too and get run out of office and into isolation and seclusion! Your a disgrace to America and a joke to the rest of the world. Hillary Clinton should be President not you anyway, she beat your ass by over 300 million popular votes, and you stole the damn election using Russia’s help and you are indeed a Putin Puppet!

America, come November 3rd, 2020, for the sake of Democracy, the Republic, your social security, medicaid, and tax relief, Vote Trump Out! For your safety and to stay a Democracy and Republic Vote Biden/ Harris!

I pray Americans, will realize Trump is responsible for over 188 thosands deaths from coronavirus, he is responsible for no jobs,a worthless economy and he is sending your children back to school in a pandemic and risking you losing your children. Don’t let Him! Those schools are nothing more then breeding farms for the virus and will make your children sick and kill many of them and the teachers and staffs too.

Stop Trump now, Vote Biden/ Harris for decency, for honesty, for truth and safety!

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