For someone with morals, ethics and caring, Vote Biden and Harris!

As we slowly rise to 200,000 deaths, we find out the President of the United States knew Coronavirus was 5 times deadlier then the flu and down played it and lied to Americans!

Sadly Trumpers all over America must now face some facts, Regarding Trump and how he conducts himself. He LIES!!!!!! So many Americans dead and the number grows, now kids are going back to school and coronavirus deaths are now growing still and our kids are packed into schools, like incubators for the virus. Trump wanted them back in Schools just so he could get re-elected as President and now your children are at high risk to come home with coronavirus/ covid-19, and to bring it home to you and yours in your homes! Teachers are dying from it daily!

Trump lied about creating a Health Care program, building a wall, the economy, he’s been lying from the day he took the Oath of Office and said he had the biggest crowd ever when he raised his hand. Now he is in direct conflict with Military Leaders, Medical Leaders and Scientists too. He cries no one likes him daily, and holds open rallies drawing in people and no masks or social distancing either, so guess what, just like Herman Cain who died of coronavirus after Trump’s Tulsa rally, many more will too.

The 45th President of the United States Donald John Trump will go down as the worse President in America’s history and a puppet of Putin, and Russia. He has destroyed the economy, destroyed health care, failed to react to the coronavirus and teling America the truth and refuses daily to speak the truth. His wall will never be finished and he lied about Mexico paying for that too.

Anyone, who goes to vote or mails in a ballot for The November 3rd, 2020 Presidential and General Election and votes for Trump is just plain ignorant or blind or stupid is all. here we will never Vote Trump, any President who calls the military losers and suckers for fighting a war and dying in it, and calls a military hero a loser, and not a hero who wouldn’t leave his men behind ia POW Camp in Vietnam is not my President period. I served Uncle Sam and America for sixteen years, in three different branches, Army, Army National Guard and Navy, proudly, and to defend and protect the country I love. I have 5 Honorable Discharges to my record to Trumps two letter of 4 f for bone spurs, he never had. Here my wife and I will Vote by Mail-in Ballot, if we can’t we will vote in person in a mask, but never for Trump!

The sad thing is, this is a President, who I put in the same category as, Charles Manson, and James Jones, both cultist who led people to deaths and killed many. He is doing it daily and destroying the American Republic and Democracy and he needs to go. He belongs in jail for his crimes, and he only wants re-elected to prevent the legal authorities from charging him when he leaves office. Trump has no platform or reason to want a second term, except to want to remain in power and destroy the country more.

Vote Biden/ Harris for President and Vice President, for honesty, for empathy, for truth and for real leadership that is proven! For someone with morals, ethics and caring, Vote Biden and Harris!

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