Send Trump home, on November 3rd, 2020, Vote Biden/ Harris!

Ever wonder what makes Trump Loyalist so loyal to him, I wonder many times. I hear first off it was his great economy, it died, it was his stance on Law and Order, that doesn’t hold up because he breaks the laws himself. I have heard maybe the only true reason they stay loyal, they are scared of Joe Biden.

The fear Republican Trump Supporters have is only Joe Biden, the excuses they give, are bullshit, concerning Joe Biden. In the end, the real fear for Trump himself is this, if he is not re-elected, he can be arrested for the crime she has committed and tried and convicted once out of office, that’s where his desperation, lies folks. If he loses on November 3rd, 2020, when he leaves office on January 21st, 2021 he can officially be charged for all the crimes he has committed and tried and convicted. He would be the first U.S. President to go From the Oval Office to a Orange Jumpsuit in prison!

Trump is a failure folks, he failed to tell you the truth about coronavirus/ covid-19, he lied and still lies about it today. 200,000 Americans dead folks, why because Trump didn’t tell you what to do or how to do it right!. All he had to do was make masks mandatory, and ask all to social distance. Instead he lied to you, and said the virus would disappear by Easter remember?

He lied about bringing jobs back to America, Failed. He Lied about building a wall between us and Mexico and having them pay for it, Fail. He failed in Foreign Affairs too, Kim Jung Un laughed at him, Russia uses him and China thinks he is a walking joke. The United Nations laughed at him when he spoke there, no other American President ever had that happen to them! France’s Macron, Germany’s leader and others laughed publicly at him and it was shown to the world. All say he is an ass and fool. He is just what Hillary Clinton said he is, “Putin’s Puppet”.

Now these days, he has sent all your children back to school, like sardines in a can, which are a breeding lab for coronavirus now. So, now we have children getting coronavirus and they can die too. Are you happy now trump Supporters when your children start coming home sick with the virus and some die? Remember it was Trump who said open the schools again! As the Pandemic rages and the death counts rise.

Trump holds rallies now, in buildings and in open outside venues, no masks, no social distancing and people get the virus and die. Ask Herman Cain’s family folks, if they love Trump now that they had to bury him! How many more will die, because Trump won’t lead and make important decisions?

Are these Trump Loyalist supporters so dumb and stupid and blind they can’t see, he is a failure and not competent to be President? Trump Needs Removed From Office and to be evicted from the White House! Send Trump home, on November 3rd, 2020, Vote Biden/ Harris!

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