Vote Biden/ Harris and keep the country a Democracy and Republic!

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died and will go down in history as one the finest and best lawyers and Judges in US History. He battle for women’s equality is well known and admired and honored by all women in the world and in America. Her work was constant, consistent and she would never quit as long as she lived, God Bless her.

The Republicans will now rush to try to put a Conservative Justice on The Supreme Court to replace her, and not even give her any respect or care concerning her final wishes. Trump and McConnell will rush a nominee to the Senate Floor, without proper vetting or research or care, just to get a conservative on the Court and tip the balance forever. Sadly, they will not wait to let the people be heard, in America.

If America has any brains it will not Re-elect Trump at all. The man has no empathy, respect,morals, or ethics or care about anyone except himself. An uncaring President isa danger to democracy and the Republic in general our Fore-Fathers would have ran Trump out of Washington tarred and feathered long ago. It’s what he deserves, and many Americans know it too. Sadly, the only ones who don’t are the idiotic Trump Loyalists and Followers who are stupid enough to go to his rallies and take a chance at getting Covid, while listening to him talking bullshit. It’s A sad state for the Country to be in. What happened to decency and human kindness in America? Sadly it disappeared when Trump was elected!

Sadly, America faces its biggest decision in its history come election day on November 3rd, 2020 with it’s biggest lost in Decades. Do we become communist, autocratic and lose our democracy and Republic by re-electing a cult leader President, or do we change and let America go on as a Republic?

Vote Biden/ Harris and keep the country a Democracy and Republic! As Ben Franklin said, They created a Republic, it is up to the American People to keep it one now, if we don’t we will slide into history as a lost cause. God Bless The United States!

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