Vote Biden/ Harris! Bring America Back!

Let me ask the big question here, as we head toward November 3rd, 2020 and the Presidential Election.

Why, do Trump Supporters, actually support him? What do they see in Trump that makes them so loyal and such advocates of him?

Let me say this to all of them as I go along here, I don’t see it folks, I don’t see any reason to back a President who fails at everything he does and destroys everything he touches, who divides all he can and incites anger and fighting and racial wars and more. Who calls Servicemen and women who died in wars suckers and losers! What is there to support in him? I remind you all, these men and women who were service members served America to keep you safe, Trump ran and and paid a Doctor to give him two letters of 4F, because of bunions on his foot!

I have asked so called Trump Supporters in my area of Connecticut and anywhere I go, the above questions, and I will give you examples of their answers here.

First it was, the economy he did such a great job increasing it they said and bringing jobs in. sorry didn’t happen, he rode the economy Obama left him until he burned it out. So they drop it now, and blame it on the pandemic.

Second, they claim, he is great for healthcare, nope folks, he is killing healthcare, when he kills Obama Care and is not replacing it in anyway. So Millions will be left without healthcare and nowhere to turn in a pandemic. Sad.

Third He is building a wall between Mexico and the United States. Sorry he has failed at it, doing only 600 miles of it and a lot of painting and repairing and stealing of funds from the United States Military to try to pay for what he said, Mexico will pay for. Failure folks. Mexico told him no way!

Foreign Affairs, he failed here too. The United Nations laughed at him in his one appearance there. Then he said, I will talk to Kim Jung Un and stop him from building nukes, so he took the trip twice and failed twice, Kim Jung Un built his missiles and still is building nukes today. The North Koreans laugh at it all and treat Trump as a joke.

Russia, Putin, no action or reaction to the election interference at all. Why, because he wants Putin and Russia to help him win in November so he can be re-elected. He is in fact just a Putin Puppet as Hillary Clinton said, for he won’t stand up to Putin at all, he is a coward.

So what is so great about Trump folks, please tell me why you support Trump for a Second term for President, Republicans, please!

I remind all, the Pandemic happened on Trump’s Presidency and watch. He failed to react to it, he failed to tell us the truth about it and he is currently failing to do a damn thing about it. We now have 200,000 dead Americans, no vaccine, Trump telling us to send our children back to school and kids and teachers and administrators coming down with Covid left and right. Why? all because Trump wants to jump start the economy to get re-elected is why, if you notice he doesn’t send his son to a public school or take any chances with his family. Also, let me say this to all, If you Black, Hispanic, or White does not matter, he doesn’t care unless your rich, he will let you die!.

The Racial problems in America will only get worse under Trump. He has no respect for Blacks, browns or the poor or needy. It only escalates under Trump folks, because he encourages it, he’s a racist and bigot. Just listen to him.

He is claiming he will have a Vaccine by Election day at first he did, then it was the end of 2020, now it is April 2021. He is lying his ass off folks, and trying to use the Pandemic and Covid to get re-elected is all. He hold public rallies, invites in thousands, no masks, no social distancing and he doesn’t support or listen to the advise or the medical and scientific experts who are telling him masks and social distancing. He didn’t tell us and he knew the covid virus was a air borne spreader, he know in february or 2020, didn’t tell us andlied to all Americans. Now we head to 200,000 deaths of Americans because of an incompetent President in Office. It’s a sad world in America these days.

People getting evicted from their homes, begging for food to feed themselves and their families, fod lines, unemployment lines getting longer each month. It’s sad and we are in a recession folks on the verge of a depression and Trump has no answers and neither does the Republican Party period.

No Trump Supporter can tell you why they follow him, or support him, with a straight face! They do it because they say, they are afraid of the Democrats and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. That’s crap folks, Biden has more political experience and knowledge then Trump ever will and makes more sense. So why be afraid of Biden/ Harris? There is no reason folks, they make more sense then Trump/Pence for sure.

If you still think Trump is your man, well you are either blind, stubborn, high on drugs or a follower of his cult of hate and disrespect and white supremacy. It’s sad.!!! America is better than this folks, we were once a leader in the world on all levels, under Trump we are falling fast into a third world country and becoming either communist or socialist. Period, we don’t need this.

If you want America back, the America that led on all levels, made the right decisions, cared about jobs, the economy, healthcare, social security, and the military and more, Vote Biden/ Harris! If for no other reason than to regain respect, honor and the leadership of the world, Vote Biden/ Harris! In the end folks it can get worse and will under Trump, let’s stop the slide now and give the Democrats the chance to repair the damage and make us whole again!. Vote Biden/Harris, and screw Trump’s fear mongering and lies!.

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