Many May notice!

Many may notice I have removed blogs, on my Site here yesterday and they may be wondering why?

Well here is what happened, I was minding my own, doing what I always do, in Second lIfe, Djing and having fun on certain sims. When I was contacted by Instant Messaging in Second LIfe, by the Manager of one of the sims I Dj at.

This sim, and I have a few years worth of history together and she told me that people were coming to their sim complaining, I Dj there and shouldn’t be, because of my blogs, I wrote. She explained that the blogs have affected more, than just the sim, they were written about or the person, I wished them to and they were affecting other people also.

After a brief discussion I listened to her reasoning and told her I would remove the blogs, but, the sim I was Djing at should have just told them, they have nothing to do with what I write on a public web site that I pay for and it is not their business. Of course she came back with, we will have no choice, because of pressure from these people coming to our sim to let you go, if the blogs stay. So I did as requested and took the blogs down out of respect for the sim I have an association with. I do not wish to harm them at all.

Now, I have secured a second set at another sim I Dj at, and it has nothing to do with the D/s BDSM Lifestyle of any kind. Decisions have been made by the people of the sim I wrote about, to come after me at the sim I Dj at, and my response will not make them happy I am sure, for it shows the petty nature of these people and the low depths to which they will stoop to fight honesty and truths.

What I have done now, is FAX Linden Labs/ Second Life a second time. I explained all that these individuals have done in pressuring and attacking the sim I DJ at, to get me removed so they know of it. What is apparent to me is that the blogs have had an effect on the sim they were written about, and the individual also. The sure way to know that, is this response, they have pulled here.

It is also, apparent the Owner of the sim I wrote about, is nowhere online in Sl at the current time. If I am correct, Second Life suspended him, if i am wrong he is hiding well. Either way, my blog had the effect of that result so far, as his people scramble, thinking this will save him, and stop my attacks.

A little advice for these people who attack me and my blogs and the sim I DJ in, this will not stop me. More will come out, and what will come will be detailed and specific in the future.

So those who read my blogs, understand them, and know they tell the truth, should know no good person will settle for the kind of attacks these people made and I will fight back. As I said Shortly, the story and facts will come back out again. For now, I am fine as I am, and I will wait and see when I do so, if I am attacked again in anyway.

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