Let’s not repeat that mistake in 2020, Vote Biden/Harris, Vote Trump Out!

America is now exactly seven days from the Election of 2020. as of today, October 28th, 2020, counting today. In American history we have now had 45 Presidents, and we have never had a President so far out of bounds, so illegal or corrupt and so big a liar as Donald Trump before and I pray we will never again.

While the Coronavirus rages he is out there campaigning in live rallies, telling his people the covid-19 will disappear, we will be ok, as the deaths and cases soar. Big lies left and right he tells daily as American families lose members because of his failure to fight the virus correctly, or lead as he should.

Add in the fact, he put down and questioned the honor of Veterans and said they were losers and suckers, well you can imagine how that makes Veterans both healthy and disabled feel today. He has no honor or respect for the Military and those of us who served. We served while he collected letters from his Doctor, to avoid serving and the draft. Amazing isn’t it folks. Mr. Bunion Foot, Donald J. Trump, dodged the draft and got away with it too.

He failed to build the wall between us and Mexico, and ran south and put a sign on what he did get done that said Built by President Donald Trump. Mexico told him where to go, when he told them they will pay for the wall, so he reached out and tried to steal money from the military to build it and the courts told him no, it’s illegal Mr. President, you can’t do that.

He attacked and tried to destroy Obama Care, why because it has Obama’s name on it is all. He promised a new healthcare program for all Americans, no such bill or proposal has ever come from him or his Republican cohorts. They don’t have one folks, never did, it’s a lie.

He won’t release his tax returns either. But slowly but surely we are learning why and it isn’t because he is in an Audit. He won’t release his tax returns because he hasn’t paid much, his finances are a wreck and he is going broke. As the New York Times reported, he has been forgiven for not paying back 270 million dollars in loans.

President Trump attacks women, he attacks African Americans, Hispanics, and anyone non-white, he’s a racist and bigot. It is apparent to me, and many Americans, this man is a White Supremacist Supporter in all ways. Just listen to his words daily.

President Trump fails at all he touches, he offends African Americans period and Hispanics too. He offends women, at every turn he gets. Now he tries to appeal to women voters by saying, he will put their husbands back to work? Doesn’t he know women work too and have lost their jobs at a greater rate than men? It’s an insult to every working wife in America and women in general!

I have never seen, a President stand on a tarmac of an Airport in my life and point out a African American Male, and yell there’s my one African American! But Trump did it during his 2016 run for President! That alone should be an insult to all African Americans in America. Now, he puts down African American women left and right and calls them names.

He failed when he went to the United Nations his one visit in four years now, they laughed at him there. Leaders of other Nations, France, Canada, Germany and others were caught on tape laughing at Trump period. No one respects him, and because of him, we are losing the leadership position in the world. We are no longer the leader in the world in any political or military, or moral way. we are being surpassed as the world’s best economy also.

So let me say this to the Trump Supporters out there who are his sycophants, who follow him blindly and so well. Donald J. Trump doesn’t care about you except for your votes come election day, if he wins a second term he has no agenda or idea what to he will do during it. No Plans period!

So why does Donald J. Trump want Re-election? The Answer lies in the courts of New York State! If Trump loses his Re-election bid he will have to face charges for Sexual Harassment of women, Tax Evasion and Fraud. Numerous other charges are being compiled against him also, so in the end, the law will come knocking on Trump’s door, for everything from civil suites to charges for crimes. So, if he stays in the White House as President he has the legal protection from that office. Once he is Voted out of power and leaves office all cases will move forward and he will have to answer for all he has done.

When I was a kid many years ago, I watched John Kennedy as President. The man had his flaws like all do, but Kennedy served his Country in more than one way. He had Honor, he stood tall and faced down the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the Russians too. Since Kennedy and up to today, with the exception of Donald J. Trump, even the Presidents I didn’t like had honor, tradition and America’s best interest at heart no matter which party they represented, or came from. They were all respected on the World Stage. Donald J. Trump as President is laughed at by the world leaders, that should tell all, America, made a mistake in 2016, Let’s not repeat that mistake in 2020, Vote Biden/Harris, Vote Trump Out!

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