Vote, Vote, Vote in heavy numbers, Biden /Harris must Beat Trump!

After 4 years of Donald J. Trump, America is a ghost of what it was under former Presidents before him! We have now become a country of homeless and out of work individuals, and gone from a we society to a me society, sad!

It used to be in America all for one and one for all, no more. The We society, America, won two World Wars, had the economic boom, the baby boom and so much more. It grew our nation and made us world leaders in all ways. Today it does not exist, anymore!

Today, everywhere you go in America, it’s the me, me generation, I want mine and the hell with you. Americans don’t care about one another anymore or the world. We are now a Trump World of Amusement and scorn for him and all American are passive enough to sit here and take it too, that’s sad. This is not The Apprentice, Donald Trump!

Our economy isn’t good, our jobs went overseas, we have no national or universal healthcare and a half built wall on the southern border. A President who tried to steal the money from the military to build it too. The Manufacturing Industries of the old days are gone. People don’t say thank you or your welcome anymore in America. They don’t stop to help you with a flat tire anymore they will rather run you over instead.

In Trump’s America blacks and whites, look at each other with anger and hate and and are divided by a poverty line and in neighborhoods. There is no equal opportunity folks, in Trump’s America, as he stated in his 2016 run for President on a tarmac, “There’s my African American.” His African American, I thought the days of slavery went by back in Lincoln’s Days, remember the Emancipation Proclamation! We fought a Civil War over that slavery question remember?

Trump is a bigot, a liar, a narcissist, a con man too. How many construction companies did he pay ten cents on the dollar to, and get away with? Listen he failed as President in too many ways, folks and he is destructive and not unifying in anyway.

As I sit home and write this today, a fresh snow fall is here and covering the earth with white again. It gives the world a white covering that looks like a purification of the soil and air we breathe. It’s pretty to look at and wonder, is it a new start for the world or my area when it snows, is it a cleansing that is happening?

America’s house, The White House is currently filled with grifters, liars, thiefs, and cheaters. and the biggest mistake in American History was the election of Donald Trump in 2016. To correct that mistake in 2020 is vital folks! We have lost the leadership position in the world in all areas, economic, political, and morally. It’s a sad state of affairs for us, and an embarrassment and humiliation beyond measure. We have to correct it, folks, or consider ourselves no longer a First World Nation, but a third world nation that we have become under Trump.

We have homeless on our streets, we have hungry begging for food, parents and families who can’t pay mortgages and rent about to be evicted. We have Coronavirus raging across our country, the number of deaths from it rising in a expointit manner. A President who says he is tired of hearing Covid-19 and tells us daily it will disappear soon enough. It won’t folks it just won’t, so why believe him, he is lying just, to get re-elected is all.

Trump wins and we may as well all go buy the Babel Language Program and books on the Russian Language, he is selling us to Putin.

Trump must lose on November 3rd, 2020, in Order to Preserve our Union and Country and Democracy and Republic, we love living in! Do yourselves a favor Americans, Vote, Vote, Vote in heavy numbers, Biden /Harris must Beat Trump, they should Trounce Trump and make him go home to Mar a Lago!

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