Save America and Dump Trump!

October 31st, 2020, Today we are exactly three days from Election day in America. Americans must choose in three days, whether to stay the course with a President whose record show he can accomplish nothing, who is laughed at on the world stage, fails in foreign affairs and in creating jobs and ruined the economy with his tariffs and new tax laws, and failed to fight a Pandemic that has killed over 230,000 Americans, and over 8 million people are now infected with.

America do us all a favor, this man hates blacks, he hates hispanics, he hates women, he is rude, uncaring and uncooperative with Congress and his political counterparts and so much more. He is more trouble and destructive than any President in America’s 243 year history. This is President is a loser, a fake and a problem for all Americans and the world. He needs removed from office for the good of the world!. This is not the Apprentice Show folks, it’s real life!

He is attacking Doctors who tell us how to avoid the Coronavirus, how to protect ourselves daily, he won’t wear masks or lead the country in a pandemic in anyway. He doesn’t care about you or me or anyone but Donald J. Trump and too many people are too blind to see that. As he continues to hold rallies across America and gather people in huge crowds without masks, he is spreading coronavirus everytime he comes out spouting his garbage and won’t listen to scientist and medical experts. I remind all who don’t see this, Donald J. Trump received special medications and concoctions, paid for by all taxpayers of the United States ! That’s the only way he survived his bout with Covid-19. You, as an average american, will never see that kind of medication or treatments, remember that!

As World Leaders laugh at Trump in Europe and around the world, Merkle, Macron, The British and more all laugh at Trump publicly. He failed at the United Nations, they laughed at him. He failed in North Korea, they have their nukes now and are building more and have a seat on the world stage. He ruined America’s Economy, destroyed it, he never brought back the jobs he promised, he failed to build his wall on our southern border, and failed to get Mexico to pay for it, they told him no. Sad! He built nothing, he repaired and painted the wall and put up a plaque saying he built it, lol. What a joke!. Then, he tried to steal the money, to finish it, from the Military, and the Courts said no Mr. President you can’t have that money, it’s illegal so he had to stop. Then he called our dead military and Veterans Losers and Suckers, I am a Veteran he’s not my President!

So when you Vote in 3 days, as you stand in line or fill out your ballot, stay safe, social distance, wear masks, but Vote and remember, all I am telling you. Stand in Line and ask yourselves folks, am I better off today then I was four years ago!. What has Trump done for me and my family and why am I out of work, or unable to pay my mortgage, or rent, why can’t I feed my children and why are so many more homeless today? Ask yourselves folks, do you want to stay a Republic, a Democracy, or do you want to go down to a third world nation, and become communist or socialist or be under a dictator? Do Yourselves a favor Americans, save your Republic, save our America, Vote Trump Out Come November 3rd. get your ballot in, make your voice heard. Save America and Dump Trump!

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