Vote Biden/Harris and lets fix all Trump broke! Vote Biden/ Harris!!!!!!!

Ok America, we have two days left until our Election Day. Now I want to say this to all, Americans, if You Like living in America, being a Republic, being a Democracy, having freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and all our other rights, then you should Vote Biden/ Harris!

A Vote for Biden / Harris means returning America to a respected country again, no one laughing at us at the United Nations, no one laughing at our President anymore. It means a chance at healthcare and support for the coronavirus victims, it means help for those not covered by insurance. I remind al, those who had coronavirus will not be covered if trump kills Obama Care. It means a President who will work for all Americans not just his rich cronies and pals, who he passed a tax bill for! It means having a Commander in Chief of our Military, who respects our military and will use them properly and not call them losers and suckers for fighting for what we all believe in.

We need leadership, we need compassion, we need a President who will fight the Coronavirus and tell us what we need to do to survive and beat it. Leadership is not screaming and ranting, it’s showing us how to do it, by doing it yourself, setting the example. As the Military will tell you, if you served, a good leader was a good follower first who did things right and necessary so they can lead, when it is their turn.

The lies have to stop, the dividing of blacks and whites and hispanics must stop, the attacking of women must stop, the racial hate and bias must stop. We don’t need a President pointing at one black man saying look there’s my african american see that! I served 16 years, have 6 herniated discs and Ptsd for serving my country but I do not accept a draft dodging President calling me or my fellow veterans, suckers and losers!

Let me say this to all who think about voting for Trump, for a Second Term, Wake Up! He is killing jobs, the economy, our leadership position in the world, Healthcare, and racial relations. He spreads anger, hate and divides folks, we don’t need it now or ever! That may work for The Apprentice his old TV Show he hosted, it doesn’t work to run a nation in this world! This is not the Apprentice, Trumpers and Donald Trump, this is real life, with real problems that need real solutions!

The Mexicans told him no on his wall and paying for it. The North Korean Leader laughed at him and built his nukes, The United Nations laughed at Trump and the leaders of European nations, laughed at him too. He has isolated America and he is setting it up to become a satellite nation for Russia and he is indeed Putin’s puppet as Clinton said in 2016.

We have homeless Americans on the streets, people can’t feed their children or pay their rent or mortgages. Jobs are disappearing, our economy is in a recession, people are dying from coronavirus and getting sick each day, over one thousand, a day. He holds rallies and spreads the virus as his Chief of Staff openly admits they gave up on fighting and beating the virus. Do we just give up and surrender and let our people die, our brothers, our sisters, our mothers, our fathers or grandparents? What Leader tells everyone they failed and doesn’t work to fix it and stop such a pandemic? That’s not a leader folks. It’s a failure, added to the rest of his failures.

I pray daily, people will Vote Biden/ Harris, I pray we get a Leader with Compassion, caring, empathy, a brain, the ability to listen to medical and scientific experts, to fight this virus, Covid-19.

My final statement for this blog is a simple one folks, and it is a question for anyone left to vote in this election, What has Donald J. Trump Accomplished or Done for you or America that you would give him a second term? I see no accomplishments, no leadership, no empathy, no caring, and no attempts at helping anyone but himself, his family and his rich friends. Period!!!

America do yourself a big favor, do your children and grandchildren a favor for America’s Future, Vote Biden/Harris and lets fix all Trump broke! Vote Biden/ Harris!!!!!!!

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