So be prepared for the blogs to return, if needed.

Changes have to happen in real life as well as in Second Life folks, it’s a natural progression for all people including myself. Some of the changes in my life came in real life as I grew up and many who know the real me, know I change for good reasons. Sometimes it is needed to survive, sometimes it is needed for the betterment of myself and others, and sometimes it’s because I have firm beliefs against things I dislike, I see happen or that I don’t approve of.

Some people in the past, know I am not an individual who is stuck in his ways, I am usually very flexible and I think things through before I make a move or change, I deem necessary for myself. I made many such changes growing up, finding myself surrogate parents,, as I grew up in my teens for one, leaving High School and moving on to working in a factory. Then changing again, I went back made up for my mistake in quitting High School and got myself my GED. Then I looked around at the 1970’s world saw no jobs, no place to go, and decided I needed to improve myself.

I, then, said ok, and decided first to join the Army, and then the Army National Guard and ultimately the U.S, Navy where I prospered and survived for 16 years till injured. I gave all in the service of my country and came out with 5 Honorable Discharges, 6 herniated discs, PTSD and survived.

After that, I changed again, and with the Veterans Administration’s help and foresight, went to college at night and got an Associate’s Degree in Hotel Management. Yes, I graduated with a 3.7 out of 4.0 average, became a member of Alpha Beta Gamma, and Phi Theta Beta Honor Society. Now there was five of us children in my parents family, I have the only College Degree folks. SO, I did just fine thank you.

But Injuries and PTSD cause changing in men and women who have served. Your spine hurts, the pain doubles up and then you get flashbacks with the PTSD. At one point I was living in two worlds trying to survive and I couldn’t do it anymore. So I gave up Managing Hotels and was declared a Disabled American Veteran, unemployable due to injuries and PTSD.

I went on though, married twice, 2 daughters, and a step-daughter, and now 6 grandchildren out there. Even with my problems, I take care of my cancer ridden wife who is 16 years my senior and I survived lung cancer also. So I am holding my own, in many ways.

As to Second Life I have been in it for 14 years come December 2020. Been a member of a great Motorcycle Club that was called. The OutLaw Nomads for a few years. I have Djed, in Second Life at different sims for ten of those years. I have done music, teaching and even some building and operated even Greed Tables and built buildings for clubs. Some clubs, I have been in and seen have been different in many ways. Some were Country Western Clubs, Some Rock and Roll Clubs , some BDSM and D/s Sims, also. I dabbled in many things in Second Life and in Fourteen Years I still survive. Some would like me removed from Second lIfe because i don’t agree with what they do in Second Life, I care not what they want and I do not accept any pressure or pushing to tell me what to do, with my own opinions or even my Second Life.

I have fought in fourteen years with only one sim and one man and my blogs, I removed told that story clearly and why. Now I was pressured to drop my blogs, by the sim I was Djing at in Second Life because, someone above the Club Owner I Djed in, told them to make me take said Blogs down, because as I was told, “The Blogs were affecting more than just the Sim and Person I was writing them about” and if I didn’t take them down I would be fired as a DJ and asked to leave said sim.

My response was respectful of the Manager of said sim and it’s Owner who ran it, and I removed said blogs, so it would not affect their sim. This kind of pressure is bullshit because my blogs are not in Second Life at all. But, what they did do, is affect the sim and person they were about and other sims in The D/s BDSM Community in Second Life.

My opinions are my own folks, my thoughts, my reasonings and my words are my own and did not involve any other sim or any other person in Second Life, and I do not appreciate anyone who put this pressure on the sim I was Djing in. Reports will be filed, I can promise that one.

As to my solution to this problem or event pulled on me and the sim I was Djing in, I decided that if the sim I was Djing in, did what this person told them to do and pressured and threatened me in such a way to do so, I don’t need to Dj there anymore, so I will move on. Obviously, whomever this person over the Club Owner’s head is, scared them and threatened them, in someway. There are only certain people over the Club Owners and Operators of said clubs in Second Life. These are the people who are actual property or Estate owners in Second life who, have bought portions of the Second Life Land Map, and can pull the land from the club owners.

Common Sense tells me, the Estate Owner who did this, must also be the one renting the sim land, to the Sim, I wrote my blogs on. It is the only reason for them to interfere in a dispute between myself and the owner of said sim, I wrote the blogs on, for the sim and the person, pays over 300 dollars in US Money to keep his sim going per month, so it would affect said payments of this individual for the land tiers. Now that is fine and dandy, but it is not going to stop me, for I don’t need to DJ, where I was, I can move on to a different kind of sim, not a BDSM or D/s one. It’s not a big deal, but, they should know, if I am bothered, mentioned, or talked about by the person or anyone on his sim to anyone and it comes back at me, I shall produce the blogs, again and much more.

I did not break any Second Life rules, regulations or TOS’s. Any Information used in my blogs, was handed to me by the owner of the sim, they were written about, by his own volition, so there is no dispute over intellectual property in Second Life either. As he found out when he placed his complaint to Second Life on this matter, it got him nowhere.

This is a website that I pay to post my blogs on, it is free and clear of Second Life period. And I do blogs on many subjects. so be prepared for the blogs to return, if needed. Second life is a Entertainment World of a virtual Community, it is here for Entertainment and Fun, not for Estate Owners, or Club Owners to tell people what to do or not do out of it.

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