Biden Won! Please listen to logic Donald J. Trump, it would be embarrassing and humiliating if you don’t!

As America’s Election Officially ended Yesterday Saturday November 8th, 2020 with a Biden/ Harris Victory and yes a Trump Lose. it is over finally. Trump doesn’t want to concede and leave the White Office and Presidency, and wants to fight in the courts, it won’t get him anywhere.

He will lose in the courts for there is no precedent for his fight number 1, number 2 no roff any cheating happened, and 3 no way he can make up the difference. Add the numbers please as they sit at the end.

Biden 290, Trump 214. Trump would need 56 electoral votes, the remaining states are Georgia, Alaska and North Carolina. Now GA. has -16, Alaska has 3 and North Carolina 15. Added up they equal 34 votes. Trump is down by 56 in his lose, so he can’t get there folks, plus, Georgia is leaning to Biden still.

Now as Americans well know, America has always had a peaceful transition of power in the White House and it is the proper and correct way it should be done period. I don’t care how bad a candidate or sitting President has lost, the transition of power is vital in a peaceful manner.1)For a sitting President who lost his attempt at re-election to act out and not concede and do a peaceful transition of power, would mean he will face a forceful removal from the White House by the Military in america, first off. 2) Secondly on the world stage how does it look for America and Trump that he will not step aside or concede, well the world is watching now ask them! 3) How does it reflect on Trump that he will not accept defeat and leave properly and turn over the reins correctly, well let me say this it makes Trump look like a petulant child, who refuses to admit defeat and leave. So Let me say this for all Americans, Donald J. Trump, grow up, admit defeat, concede and leave graciously, and maybe in 2024 you can run again. If you don’;t leave properly, and turn over the reins correctly, you have no chance at ever running again period!.

Biden won folks, he won big, and unseated a Incumbent President, that isa task not easily done. Let’s do this right, Trump must concede, turn over the White House and Go home in peace. There is no logical or legal way he can change the votes or decision in the courts. Drop it Trump, Concede, go home peaceful and do a proper turn over to Biden and be a man about it. Grow Up, you lost Donald J. Trump!

Congratulations to Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and The Democrats on winning it all! And Here is the request for Donald J, Trump to do the right thing. Please listen to logic Donald J. Trump, it would be embarrassing and humiliating if you don’t!

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